Front Door Impact Rating help

My wind mit inspector’s (that I hired) report shows all openings protected, windows, doors, garage etc except for the front entry door on home built in 1999 broward county. There is no sticker on the door.

Real estate agent suggested pulling city permit box and presenting to inspector. Presented paperwork to Inspection company who told me it didn’t matter what paperwork I presented, they don’t consider it. Can someone give me the low down – am I forced to pay the $1400 more per year for insurance until I shutter or replace the door or is my $85 wind mit inspector incompetant?

You have to have the proof on the door via a sticker. No one knows “FOR SURE” that you or someone else has not replaced the door. Does the door have any markings? Exception would be a Benchmark 2 or 3 door and your would see that on the door by the hinges around the middle.

What kind of door? Noa should be on file at bldg dept

I sent you an e mail. Those are your options.

Give me a call and I’ll see what you have and if I can help you out.

Joe Manners
GI Joe Home Inspections

Jay, as your house was built in Broward, it SHOULD be approved or covered with approved shutters. the builder would have had to supply the city with the correct approval, whether it was a Miami-Dade County N.O.A. or an FBC product approval. The city will be able to provide you with the appropriate paperwork. Your inspector should have looked at the paperwork you provided, but unless it included that specific paperwork he wouldn’t be able to change it.
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