garage door

can anyone give me any help with this garage door label as far as the wind mit form? I need some help in finding a part number for the door.


IT looks to me like that this is the wind design pressure rating and has nothing to do with a FBC TAS or NOA 201,202 or 203 or any other Large Missile Impact rating. With that said, this opening would not meet the large missile impact protection criteria unless futher documentation could be found…IMHO.

Yup thats where I am at at the moment. I was curious as to how I could find more information that could direct me to the appropriate documentation.

You could try the Clopay Web site and/or get the model number and check the NOA on the FBC site. Good Luck !

Not to sound like a wise ***, but for the money you are charging, why would you spend all that time trying to verify the door rating? It is not up to you, it is up to the client to provide the proper paperwork. At $100.00 or $125.00 is it worth doing the inspection and then spending another hour researching if it meets the standard for a discount?

This is a common mistake made by some installer back then they forget to write in the design pressures, It would at least need to be 40 PSF. If you really want to help you client try searching for dade county NOA by name or other clues. Also use your judgment does the door have horizontal reinforcement, look at the track mounts at least 5 ea. side for single wide or 6 to 9 for double wide doors. Just my 2 cents.

I see no room for judgment on these items. Its either marked or its not. I saw shutters today that I would say with 99.9% certainty that they were large missile 9lb missile impact, but they are not marked and no documentation found. So how can I PROVE my point and when I get re-inspected what do you think they will say? Don’t want to look like an *** and tell the client they have impact rated shutters then a guy comes behind me and says PROVE it…I will caught off guard and look foolish.

Its not what I know, its what I can prove…

good points all.
first off, If I have an opportunity to go the extra mile for my clients I will, thats my personal decision, I would rather have a reputation for going the extra mile that for not. Keeping in mind these are Home Inspection clients so its an extra 150 bucks.

Second point, Russel is absolutely correct! even thought this door has the reinforcement and the track mounts and it is a “windcode” model door, I cant give the credit unless I have the documentation.

So I was hoping someone had a clue as to how to find a Part Number on door if it is not on the sticker, Clopay has all of the engineering docs online but without a model number they are useless.

It only takes a few minutes to located the documents with the correct model, print that to the file and attach to the report.

Its def. wind rated. Locate the serial number and call clopay, they will provide NOA/Product approval # if available. They are very helpful

Have you called Clopay to see where you might find the information on the door ?