wind mit question

i recently had a citizens reinspection in martin county take away credits on questions 2 and 9 ,on question 2 the house had a roof permit date of 1996 and form states meets 2001fbc or 1994 fbc,when i emailed citizens about this they said the county determines qualification date and it was issued before march 1,2002 so it does not qualify,this is a state wide form,has anybody ever heard of this for i have not,on question 9 egress door in garage they say is not up to code but its a solid metal door,opens out and meets standerds as for as im concerned,label on door has been painted over just like most i see with any age on it,can anyone enlighted me on these 2 ,thanks

not enough details, attach the report

You need proof for the door. What county are you in?

martin is where the inspection was,im in port st lucie

The form states 2001FBC or 1994 South Florida Building Code, you said 1994FBC. As far as the door it doesn’t matter what you or I think about an assembly. It either has appropriate documentation or it doesn’t. In your case it does not.

That area was never under the South Florida Building code. For that area it would have to be 2001 fbc

thanks,i thought martin was in sfbc,where does it start,palm beach

It is no longer in existance. Everything is now fbc.

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SFBC only covered Dade and Broward, now covered by HVHZ. So no matter what #2 is wrong and they won’t get credit. As to #9 unless you uncover a label, and photograph it, that says its approved to TAS 201, 202, AND 203, or similar standards it wont be counted as meeting the requirements on the form.

For the metal egress door you will need manufacturer name and model, then would need to show via Florida product approval NOA that it is impact rated. There are alot of steel exit doors that are not impact rated, just windload compliant. No NOA, no proof, no discount. Easiest way is for the insured to buy a new door that meets testing for impact (TAS/PA 201,202,203 or both ASTM’s). Good luck.

The garage man door being impact rated or not is almost always, when outside the HVHZ, a moot point b/c the garage OHD is rarely impact rated.

Just look at the OHD first. Then you likely won’t care about the other door or the front door of the house.