Full blown, totally editable, search engine optimized inspector websites: $15/month

Inspector websites.

Are these websites better than HIP websites? What kind of customer service do you have for people that have issues or questions?

HIP offers an excellent site.

The politician.

You have too many issues to help! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping you blew away with the rest of the trailer trash down yonder.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t you eat your bugars?

Careful Linus, keep it up and you will have two very sticky and hard to get rid of bugar’s on your hand.

Do both 'yall live in the same trailer park? or should I say “mobile home community”?

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Your website themes look pretty good. Nice selection.
Just a die-hard HIP web nerd.

Watch out Linus, the next thing ya know they will sick “The Meeker” after you.

Just because you do, doesn’t mean everybody does.

Listen to me (in my best NY accent) …Websites freeking awesome.

By that I mean the editing capabilites/dashboard etc. plus a whole lot more.

You must have Wiley Coyote workin over their somewhere.

Google websites, I tried everyone for the first 5 pages probably; Intuit WEBS, Website x5 and many more.

Good job

Post a link.

Good point, lets see whatcha got

Sure, my domains should have transferred over by now:

NYNJHomeInspector.com or

AmericanHeritageHomeInspections.com or

if they have not transferred over yet, the default is:


Now keep in mind I just got this 2 days ago. I have to edit and such. But all the content, links, page set-up was done for me. I just changed the theme (although my 14 year old son thought the theme that was created for me looked better; more of a web page than a blog). But in my humble opinion the work that was done for me is great. It is a great burden off of me because I had a creative block with this.
I have designed my own brochures, postcards and other items but this was too much for me.
I find the interface and editable material much more specific and user friendly than others I have tried.

Any feedback will be welcome.


Those are all dead links.