Funding of CAHPI in question

Someone was telling me today that CAHPI is seeking further funds from the Federal Government, and there has been little if no progress from the Feds on further funding of the National. So in this regard it was suggest things with National Certification are on hold.

Has anyone heard anything similar? I have heard this from three different people today. Hmmm.

Ray - just that opinions or possibly speculation, not based on fact. “NO” CAHPI- National is not seeking Federal funding. It is still currently operating on the money obtained through than Minister Joe Fontana. That money has served the project well to help to see a large number as promised through the pilot project stage.

To the best of my knowledge and experience - the project is well on track. There are still a few individuals requiring TIPRs. The accreditation committee is making great headway too. CAHPI will for a large part operate the National Certification Model on a pay as you go self-funding and through other resources. More details and official announcements about the project and upcoming opportunities are expected soon. Simply - nothing is on HOLD.

This is not to be construed as an official CAHPI response to your comments and question.

Thanks Claude, three of the sources came from the Canuck list, so I figured it would be reliable info.

Interesting, Ray, that you should hear those rumours today. I heard from one of the C.F.I.H.I. field operatives ( sounds like a guy in a tux’, sipping martinis while dispatching enemy agents!) that Bill Mullen had stepped down. What makes this rumour doubly interesting is that no reasons have emerged!

“Ssshaken not shtirred mish moneypenny!”

Bill who? :wink:

Claude you are so quick to deni what ever is printed here but when asked a direct question you disapear .
Please do not ask me what questions because as per usual I do not see you giving information out
You might as well go back to making like an ostrich stick your head in the sand /
Sorry if you take this as an Insult it is not.
it is you only try and shoot down what is printed and give zero information .
I do hope that the BC government does go through with their licensing as this will be the end of CAHPI .
I understand favoritisum is starting to show up in the people who are taking the exams .
Exactly what was expected from the get go.
Roy Cooke A Very Happy NACHI member… RHI …CAHPI-ON…

I heard that to and decided not to say a word till I had more information .
It sounds like a parting of the sides .
Can you say power play between OAHI & CAHPI.
This is far from something new it it has come to a simmer many times in the last few years.
To the degree that there has been talk of starting an other association a couple of times .
There has also been words that PACHI should never have joined with OAHI.
It seems that the people the members vote for do not make all the decisions in OAHI.
There are still some rumbles with the finical information not being fully given to the members.
Strange how these things go away then come back again.
I guess till they have a full proper audit the members will never be sure they are being told the truth .
Membership of RHIs just does not seem to change (231) today
I was told today it is because a group of teachers keep turning out HIs who charge low prices many RHIs continue to give up.
Poor OAHI they just never see the future they only look for today

From what George, Facts keep confusion out. When in doubt, get the facts.:roll:

Roy ease up! Ray posted a question, I provided an answer. Whether you like it or not; it is what I believe and understand to be factual - so I responded. My posting is no more an issue than some of the other “stuff” osted here. People are welcome to speculate - but half truths, partial truth, and perhaps some no facts creates issues and problems, without a fair balance and information representing the other side.

Perhaps its not just the teachers that one needs worry about - but more so than the dilpoma mills and fact that any person can print a card and start in business tomorrow (at least in Canada) and still in many parts of the USA! Those are the ones undercutting the market. One needs not look far to see the vendors, CMI schools and educational venues noted within this very forum. I certainly do not condone such practice as long as they are providing good and sound value to enhance the credibility and professionalism of industry - to improve our lot.

Again to dispel yet another rumour - to my knowledge Bill still is actively involved in the National Initiative and helping to conduct work in other areas.

To quote Charles “When in doubt, get the facts.” Make good common sense, rather than trying to make something out of nothing.

It doesn’t surprise me what is going on. There is more to the story. Turf wars, egos, business interests, regional interests… OAHI is not really run by the BOD, they like to give that impression, and everyone thinks the BOD run things, but there are a few people non elected who run things in OAHI as it is their baby. Their personal input and direction have not assisted anyone. Its amazing that so called educated people have been able to manipulate the entire organization. Why do you think they keep Students down and subject them to all sorts of fees and grief? Just look how the number of RHI’s remains constant.

Its a disgrace. I don’t understand why the membership at large do not say anything about the lack of accountability with regards to finance statements, Board of Directors Minutes, and other info pertaining to CAHPI? This is a body given its power by the Province to self regulate. The questions raised in the Hansard Committee when OAHI was granted use of RHI seem to be coming to fruition.

There have never been facts emminating from OAHI-CAHPI, just the facts they think you should know!

Well thats true to a point, but the credibility is being ruined by management who think their little fiefdom is untouchable.

Claude are you not concerned about the financial accountability of OAHI and the lack of Minutes? Without them who knows where the money is going and who knows what decisions are being made about their association, and spending. I have spoken to several members and no one has seen anything by way of minutes and statements. There have been no statements for the third quarter, and last quarter of 2005 and year end statement, and there have been no first quarter, second quarter and now coming up to the third quarter for 2006, not to mention recent minutes from BOD meetings. If I am wrong about this could you point me to the info?

Most outsiders who I have spoken to about these matters who own their own business and very successful, tell me that this is very questionable and even they state something is not right when an corporate identity continually fails to account for itself. No one to blame but management for the oversights, deliberate or otherwise.

What is even stranger is last time I wrote a letter to OAHI asking for the info, the letter of reply came back telling me to get Psychiatric care! Nice! A senior member concerned about the goings on is told to get Psychiatric care. Isn’t that Conduct Unbecoming of a Member? :wink:


No as long as there are audits, its like dealing with your own accountant. That’s an issue for Revenue Canada. Accountability of actions or non-actions or lack of “critical” information that is a whole other issue.

Than again lets blame it on APATHY and inspectors too busy to do anything about it! Besides who wants to volunteer anyways? All people do is complain about them and target and accuse people of the hidden agendas.

Claude the facts speak for themselves. These members would squawk loudly if their bank statement was in error. But they pay $400 a year and get nothing! The Association only sends what it think relevant for the Accountant to review.

Nice to see you agree with the lack of proper accounting and lack of minutes. There have been many decisions made with regard to CAHPI and OAHI matters that have not been voted on by the membership.

Last time OAHI tried to keep minutes of the meetings the stenograpther they hired disappeared with the records, never to be seen again and the minutes too! Gee I wonder why? :frowning:

Gee what a great idea Chuck .
You should forward this to Claude and Bill and tell them we all are ready for the truth .
I and many others have been trying to get it for years.
You just do not understand the system.
Go and Join OAHI/CAHPI and find out NO ONE , I Reapeat NO ONE is given the Facts .
That I am sorry to say is the FACTS ,Thats the truth .
Been there done that .
Another Fact OAHI after over ten years still only has about 200 RHIs can you say a closed dood association .
June 2006… 231 RHIs …100 Associates … 5 applicants and
a gozillion students . These students are the ones I feel sorry for the Believe the BS that is supplied to them from the leaders.
Roy Cooke … RHI… CAHPI-ON
Chuck why don’t you post RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since** 1976 **- TORONTO on Government regulation
** This is one of the great Members of OAHI who could see how badly it is run **
** This is your chance to get the FACTS out **

Here count the numbers of RHI’s for yourself.

I counted 230 RHI’s. Over ten years since RHI was granted to OAHI only 230 are RHI’s? Not very progressive. Considering their are more Students and Applicants then RHI’s and Associates.

100 Associates listed.

And they count Friends of OAHI as members. Now that is misleading isn’t it?

Please follow the links for further information.

Robert Sloan, Langstaff and Sloan Inc. Master Electrician
Laura Carpenter, Algonquin College

Kim Godbout, SpotOn Systems Inc. Reporting Software

Pierre Champagne, Heenan Blaikie LLP – Lawyers

Chris Healy, Unison Insurance FREA

Mary Ingram-Haigh, Ontario Electrical League

Martin Renault, Ventilation Maximum Ltee

Pierre Thibodeau, Assurance Pierre Thibodeau Inc.

“Get the facts” . . . . Gee, what a unique idea! Canadian inspectors have been waiting for the “facts” for a number of years. Seems we are still waiting. By the way, did you notice that little word “rumour”? When I have the “facts” I will identify them as being such.

Interestingly enough, after making the above post, I recieved several more Emails from members of another HI Organization indicating that there may be changes in the upper levels of that org. coming as in-fighting over the national continues. If true, as these “RUMOURS” seem to indicate, we may be witnessing a sea change in the power base of that org and possibly the establishment of a new, competing Hi organization.

As soon as I receive, or if I receive any news (FACTS) that the contributors will allow me to source with attribution, you will read it here first! Certainly not on that other BB:mrgreen:

Facts stranger then Fiction!

Hey Chuck are you on the CANUCK list? Do you believe everything you read there? Its the unofficial Web Discussion board of OAHI. Even the BOD seems to be taking its marching orders from what is discussed on the CANUCK list. The BOD even uses posts from the CANUCK list to use as ammo to assassinate those that speak up or say anything not to the liking of the task masters.

Charles do you question anything on the CANUCK list or do you take it as Gospel or are you afraid to question anything on that list for fear of being raked over the coals for having the balls to question it? There are many silent members on that list to frieghtened to speak up for fear of reprisal!

Chuck if you have any Information send it to me I will remove your name and post it .
It is so unfortunate that the secret Society who want to control the Home Inspection industry show there complete contempt for all Canadian Home inspectors by not giving out the facts . They do admit that it is taxpayers money they are working with but give nothing and expect we should just shut up and do nothing.
Hardly seems fair to me when it is my future they are trying control.
I still think they all are in if for their finical gain just like the directors of OAHI who also give little information and want to make big Dollars for them selves .
If I am wrong the Please all I ask is show us the BEEF . WHERE IS THE BEEF.
Roy Cooke . RHI. CAHPI-ON

Roy I have seen the letter Rudolf Ruesse posted on the Canuck list. It is so true because it backs up what you and I have been saying for years. Rudolf has some credibility because he was former Discipline Chair of OAHI and is no longer a member of OAHI. The Canuck list groupies must have crapped their pants when they read what Rudolf had to say on the Canuckle list about OAHI and RHI. Its so true what he said. I hope Charles you have the wherewithall to post it after all it is quite factual.

Boy, I’ll tell you, there is a lot of truth to the old saying " Where there’s smoke there’s fire!" I have just stopped into the office between inspecitons and there are a number of very interesting Emails lined up.

I will ask the “deep throats” ( remember Watergate? :mrgreen: ) to send further Email to;

This will help me keep it apart from my business Email.
Thanks guys!
Gotta run!