Further Evaluation?

Good afternoon all. I came across this foam board covering the block and it’s all the way around the house. I’m not going to move it of course but I cannot see the block on the outside. Would you suggest further evaluation or just limited inspection being sufficient? Thanks for you input.

I would report that no defects were viewed and that parts of the foundation wall were not visible due to covering being installed over them. I wouldn’t recommend further evalation unless I saw a reason to.


Great thank you

Poorly installed EIFS? One issue with this material is moisture wicking and a path for termites when it is embedded in the ground.


Thanks Brian that’s great!

Get used to it. It’s Code, at least in the northern states!



Not quite. Use it any way along with.
Damaged sealant.
No flashing.
Gap between exposed Foundation CMU and what appears to be parged rigid foam board insulation.
I would ask my client to ask the vender for disclosure as to, why/when was the foundation repaired? Any invoices? Was a permit required?

Good points thank you for your help!

Chip Knoderer

My pleasure William.
In my neck of the woods, rigid foam board insulation is placed atop exterior pour concrete foundation when a new perimeter drainage field and weep tiles are installed. The idea, some insulation R value 5-10 R, and the foam defends the older concrete against direct frozen soil laterial live loading on the foundation. That’s the pretence anyway. They even install rigid glass-fiber boards. That struck me strange. I ask, what about the porousness of the fiberglass, it absorbs water and remains saterated/wet? That’s OK they say. Is is still insulation and absorbs to some extent, laterer live loading when soil freezes.