ICF Foundation With Stucco Over

Did interesting home this AM over in Kansas. Was a 1.5 story with stucco on outside and Quoins on corners, and plastic mesh showing thru a few places where topcoat damaged or dings in stucco. House was 10+/- years old.

Flat accents over doors and windows; wall felt soft like EIFS when pushed on; no control or expansion joints at windows, doors or at floor lines. Missing flashings over some windows and doors. No kickout flashing.

Ran Tramex Wet Wall meter (non-invasive) around walls / Under windows, etc - Needle did not move about 70% of the time / Needle pegged itself 30% of the time. Soil up on stucco at all walls on all 4 sides.

L/A shows up and I go inside and head to to basement. About 60% finished walls and solid ceilings (no tiles to raise). Walk into UNFINISHED area of basement AND see steel studs, steel joists, and ICF walls EVERYWHERE. Agent say she thinks whole house is ICF.

I take ladder and go to attic, raise hatch and VOILA look at gable ends AND I got ICF up to the ridge. Looks like ICF from basement to peak of roof. NOW I’m trying to figure out what to say to or tell buyer.

Only seen ICF in class seminars / Only seen steel studs maybe 4-5 times in over 35 years. I’m supposed to be stucco / EIFS guru AND this is a WHOLE new for me.

PS - romex run through small holes in steel studs or joists w/out grommets (right / wrong OR ???)

Sounds like a bunker to me. Did you poke a place out of the styrofoam to see in the attic perhaps?