Future work for inspectors

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programsdeveloped and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council are growing on a global scale, growing so rapidly that the USGBC is feeling the need to expand their resources for providing certification, possibly to include private organizations. The idea is now under consideration.
At this time they have ten programs, one of the newest of which is LEED for Homes, which emerged not long ago from the pilot program.

A number of other organizations have programs (called “labeling programs”) and many are competing to have their program become the U.S. Green Building Standard.
While it’s still too early to predict where all this will lead, or how quickly, it’s a good idea to be prepared to take advantage of the situation if things work out such that home inspectors can wind up providing certification services for some of these environmentally-conscious building programs.

If InterNACHI can provide education, qualification and manpower it’ll be a win/win situation for inspectors and environmental programs needing qualified inspectors.

InterNACHI… onwards and upwards!

Not only will green make you greener (money), but along the way you’re helping and educating people down a healthier path for the planet


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Like I said, InterNACHI… onwards and upwards!

Ive seen several Leeds programs in place here in NH, not only for residential but commercial new construction as well.

Do we have anyone that is presently involved in commercial Leeds construction?

Ive seen several Leeds programs in place here in NH, not only for residential but commercial new construction as well.


I am Peter and have been for the past 2 years, and it makes for a very interesting and expensive learning experience.

When I say expensive, I mean more cost to the Builder and in turn more cost to the Project as a whole.

Here in Maine, it is difficult due to products that have to be bought within the 500 mile radius in order to receive LEED points and the use of recycled products.

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But in the end, Marcel, the owner should have overall lower operational/ownership costs (amortization + heating/cooling/electrical/maintenance) if the assumptions/calculations under LEEDS had sound reasoning and good execution.

All depends what your aim is and how much you want to spend and how many points of the Total of 69 you are after.

LEEDS is not a Commissioning of the operational systems to see how much energy you are going to save by checking the designed mechanical systems.

LEEDS is Green, meaning the monitoring and controling construction waste management.

IAQ performance of the builiding

Water reduction

Using low emmitting materials in construction

Air Flush outs at and towards the end of the project based on cubic feet of air necessary to provide and meet the LEEDS specifications before occupancy.

Here is a video for you;

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The USGBC LEED for Homes program is still really just getting off the ground, and various legislation is still to be passed at state and federal levels. In some areas this will take some time and in some areas, it’s already been happening for a while.

Both climate change perceptions and rising energy costs will build the movement toward programs and legislation concening energy-efficiency in homes. This will result, actually has resulted, in inspection-based needs for which no solutions have existed.

We’re creating inspection-based programs and services to meet those needs as they develop. As voluntary programs, mandates and incentives come into existance, we want InterNACHI inspectors to be qualified and ready with the tools they need.

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Escuse my ignorence on this, what does the Class 1 and Class 2 refer to? I am still working my way through the Green Building Course and haven’t come across any mention of this yet.

Kenton, thanks for the update and all you do, I have seen some commercial projects in NH utilising the Leeds program but residential seems slow. With the increase in fuel costs I’m sure this program will accelerate quickly.

Look forward to this new thread and being part of it.