Thanks for the information Claude.

**“A Model for Voluntary Certification
**Join us for a sneak peek into the voluntary certification model that will be in place across Canada as of July 2006.
Presented by Jeff Griffith and Michael Guihan of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors”

Model…what model?..I thought this was still just one big experiment.:shock:

Thanks Claude.


It’s just like all the other business decision’s you make!:mrgreen:

If the invisible man attends, is he there if you can’t see him?

If its voluntary why is everyone being told 5,000 inspectors across Canada will be certified, particularly when we know there aren’t 5,000 inspectors. If 5,000 inspectors are going to be certified as stated repeatedly by at least one person, then it would not be voluntary would it?

Yes I am sure you remember all those who voluntary took another course that Bill Mullen talked a good story about .
This course was going to give those a jump start and they would imediatly be able to Make at least $1,000 per inspection and that there would be ahuge shortage of inspectors almost immediatly .
Can you give us a few names of the 120 who took it and are now making some of the great rewards.

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The PDI session in Whistler will count as ‘The Course’ for all attending, and CAHPI will be giving those people the CAHPI PDI Certification.

The difference is that since CMHC is heavily subsidizing this ‘session’ and it is our pilot session, the attendees will be expected to provide information and feedback about the course and protocols and their field experience. There will be 120 ‘consultants’ at this session. Since the CMHC subsidy basically saves our inspectors around $ 12,000 in total, we felt that nobody would mind helping out a bit.

There will be several courses offered at a later date. We hope to have these courses delivered in every province within the next few months. CMHC estimates that about 200,000 homes in Canada will need this inspection each year, so we need to get people properly trained and certified.

Bill Mullen

Roy Cooke sr… A Happy NACHI Member

Again what does CMHC have to do with provincial matters? Tarion is a provincial legislated body. CMHC has no jurisidiction to interfer with Tarion in Ontario. Its unfortunate there are so many gullible inspectors who think otherwise. Ignorance is bliss!

The more they change the more they stay the same .

As one of the attendees at the conference, I offer the following comments.

I’m sure the organizers were pleased with the turnout at the conference, however I became quite disappointed during the first day session where it became evident that the PDI inspection training session was not playing out as I and others had been led to believe it would. What I had understood was going to take place was that those of us attending this session, plus any who attended future training sessions, would be the only people capable of carrying out what was to amount to approximately 220,000 PDI inspections annually across Canada, and that this was something that was about to be inplemented in the very near future. As things turn out, the home building industry has not yet agreed to or climbed on board with this initiative; that even when (or if) they do, this is not going to be a mandatory process; that there is no restriction of any kind on who may carry out this type of inspection once it does come to be; that their are two completely separate types of inspections for which protocols are being developed (one is a Performance inspection and the other is a Contract Compliance inspection) and it will be entirely at the buyer’s discretion whether any of them are carried out, and the cost will be coming out of their pocket. The session also was not an official training session but more of a discussion and information and idea-sharing exercise with no clear answer at the end of the day what exactly those of us who attended had achieved. A diploma/certificate was recieved although it was not made definitively clear just what value this diploma might actually have.

Attending the PDI course was my only reason for attending the CAHPI conference. With a rather significant cost of over $1,500 to do so, I figured that with the expectations being talked about with this new initiative, that it would certainly pay for itself. The rest of the sessions I found somewhat interesting but certainly wouldn’t have considered going to Whistler for 4 days if it had not been for the PDI course being put on, not to mention the cost of leaving my one-person business unattended for that period of time.

I heard similar comments from other attendees so I know I’m not the only one who thinks there was some pretty siginificant misinformation being distributed prior to the conference about what the PDI training session was supposed to entail. I will be more careful about any similar types of training sessions such as this in the future.

Roy Cooke sr A Happy NACHI member

Claude, with all due respect, the programme is voluntary until C.A.P.H.I. persuades the Real Estate orgs to only deal with inspectors who have been certified by C.A.P.H.I. and then membership in C.A.P.H.I. and certification by the ‘National’ becomes a requirement.

It is toward these ends that C.A.P.H.I. is working. It is the only way that this faulted programme can become a defacto national licensing board.

It’s called the under the table, back door, slide of hand, smoke and mirrors approach to achieving your goals and better still, have someone else pay for the whole thing.:mad:


I guess it is up to the rest of the inspectors in Canada to make sure that does not happen. We really have to get this done in a big way.

In all fairness any licencing, and I have said this repeatedly must be done with input from the profession. We shape out destiny, not other industry stake holders such as realtors, lawyers, bankers. We don’t need a Texas based system where home inspectors fall under the Realtors auspicies.

CMHC should stop trying to interfer with Provincial matters. They are not the end all and be all of anything other then financing low cost mortgages and research. CMHC is not going to tell me anything. I take my marching orders from Raymond Wand until such time as legislation states otherwise.

Bill 846: Raymond wand is from this day forward to follow and abide by all orders given to him by Mrs. Wand. :smiley:

Larry Ewens

All in favour?

non opposed…that’s carried!:mrgreen:

One small problem I am single. There never has been a Mrs. Wand. :frowning:
Now you know why I am still sane after all these years! :wink: And never have to fear being corrected! :slight_smile: