Gable, Flat, or Hip?

Here is a fun one I found, what do you guys think? Just above the highlighted areas of pink and yellow…


It could be argued that yellow is hip…

You would have to see what is on the other side…

Its flat behind it but the slope is the same as the hip roof next to it, seen on the corner of the home just to the right.

less than 2:12??? Flat=other

From what I see (and I’m not sure I see it so well)…

It’s not “Flat” (less than 5 units). The pink area is Non-Hip and the yellow area is Hip. Depending on the total length of Non-Hip features (flat roof and the gable feature at the “yellow” roof) compared to the total roof system perimeter it’s either “Other” or “Hip”.


Ditto what Michael said… (I’m leaning towards other though).


Yellow is hip, pink is gable, the back side of that bump up section is shed - NH also. Overall is going to be Other. Of course, you already know this Kevin, or at least you should.


I believe you missed my point, if the slope is less than 2:12 then it is considered not hip and not gable but other. You only mark flat on five or more units, but it could still be other just because of the slope.

If you had a hip roof(100%) but the slope was less than 2:12 it would be other(basically flat). Flat roofs should always have a slope.

John, the predominant roof on that house is more like 3/12 pitch and so is that little bump up. The roof over that room addition is definitely flat. I think everybody knows by now that the final selection will be “other” and not flat, but the individual features should be labeled as G, H, F, on a sketch.

Not sure who “you” is but…

Your original point (“less than 2:12??? Flat=other”) and additional explanation was not missed and is well understood and I agree with it 100%. Although your point was considered, I don’t believe the slope is less than 2:12 and so, for me, it did not come into play in my response to Kevin’s question.

Why would there need to be a sketch? The flat roof makes it “other” so all the rest of it doesn’t matter. I say that because I never have made a sketch for a roof.
I do have the pictures required as well as a bunch that I take while on the roof.

The only time I’ve made a sketch is when it’s been close and Ive stated it’s a hip roof and I submit a sketch along with the measurements to justify my answer. Other than that scenario, never submit a sketch.


Enclosed interior space with roof slope less than 2:12, greater than 10% of total roof perimeter, is other. Regardless of the direction of slope, the slope must be greater than 2:12 to be anything but flat. Since it’s less than 5 units, its Other.

Shed or Other

a combination of various roof types.

I think that is the very rare Quasimodo roof.