Galvanic trouble brewing?

Mom n laws water heater connection…both hot and cold look like this…relatively new also! I don’t see dialectric…but am I crazy?



Well, yeah you may be crazy but that’s for another thread. I see galvanic action starting up as well.

Tony, she will have a “For Sale By Owner” sign in the front when you get done with it…:smiley: :smiley:

She was pretty upset when I talked to her…my mom n law is a bit touchy…this was a great opportunity for me to practice my delivery…and I definitely failed!

The bathroom vent terminating in the attic, the firewall hole, the galvanic possibilities, the furnace wouldn’t come on w/ the thermostat (hvac guy was there 2 mths ago for same problem and said it was the safety switch on the access hatch and all he did was remove the panel, reinstall and it worked…hmmm)…I’m not going to tell her everything, but I am going to get the report out tomorrow for you guys…

Now’s your chance to work on putting things in perspective however.

And trust me, that’s a skill you will need! :smiley:

Sometimes you just cant win