Garage door opener extension cord

I’m looking for a reference to back up my opinion that the garage door opener should have its own outlet and not be served by a long extension cord.

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Extension cords are for temporary power only.




No referance but this is the narative I use.

Extension cords are being used as permanent wiring in one or more areas. They should only be used for portable equipment on a temporary basis. Using extension cords as permanent wiring poses a fire and shock hazard, and is an indication that wiring is not adequate and should be updated. Recommend either removing extension cords or having a qualified electrician evaluate and make modifications as necessary. For example, install additional circuits and/or electric outlets.

All garage door openers should be plugged directly into an outlet located adjacent to the opener. No extension cords.

NEC 400.8 Uses Not Permitted. Unless specifically permitted
in 400.7, flexible cords and cables shall not be used for the
(1) As a substitute for the fixed wiring of a structure

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Its a stupid post anyway. WHO would need a reference of ANY kind to BACK UP his opinion … to tell a customer that using an extension cord for permanent wiring is wrong.