Garage doors

What determines if a garage door meets the code so you can check A on the form. Had one last week. The door has the interior metal bars but the sticker on the door says the door is only wind rated, not missile impact rated and non of the standards listed on the door matched with what is on the form.

basically, the certification determines whether it meets a or not. It must say that it is miami dade, large missile, hvhz, ect. other wise u need an noa, you can get that by calling the manufacturer with the serial#

I agree with what dennis said. I have the client provide the needed information and give them tips on how to aquire it.

Does anyone know in what year they started to test and rate garage doors for impact rating

Mike, do you look up the shutter or just give them the website?

Miami-Dade 1994 but I doubt any got a rating that year. Florida State 2002 march but they would have had to have been certified by Dade or an independent testing lab approval and signed off by their engineer after compliant testing. They need to comply with TAS201,202, &203. The problem is that DASMA has been argueing against this since it’s inception and telling the maufacturers not to comply. That’s also why there is such difficulty identifying the window glazing that is impact rated.


The particular door I am talking about was a 2000 house in Coral Springs. There was a sticker on it, But it did not have any of those markings. It also had the braces on the door. The sticker stated that it was wind rated but there was no hurricane rating on it.

Shutters… Stamped or not? No stamp they are on their own. No stamp, no paper, no approval.

If they cannot get a NOA letter. Fl approval number or anything else then what can you do? Not much. Call or email me anytime for questions. The door you speak of may not have ever been tested for impact due to common sense on part of manufacturer at the time. The likely did not think of the insurance needs of their customer at that time.

Page 47 —hope this helps

That would help in a perfect world. But it all comes down the the sticker or the paperwork. the difficult thing that I have found is finding a model number if there is not a sticker, I would be happy to do a little research with the manufacturer, but its difficult to find markings other than stickers.