Gas flex line in crawl space

Inspected a house today that had a flex gas line connected between two metal pipes in crawl space area. Stop valve was also present in crawl space. This was in the gas line supplying the range. Didn’t seem right to me. How would you right that up?

Gas flex lines cannot pass through walls and or flooring. The Shut off valve needs to be with in reach of the appliance it is servicing.Recommending a qualified contractor repair

Was there a drip leg present?

Thanks, you asked - Was there a drip leg present? No, I very seldom see them here. The flex line is connecting two gas pipes in the crawlspace area. It does not pass through a wall or floor. Didnt look right to me.

*Flex gas line? *That doesn’t really tell us enough to give a proper response.

CSST is allowed in any location that other gas piping is allowed. If the flex gas line you were referring to was in fact, CSST, there may be no problem with that application. Also, CSST can pass through walls floors etc.

If the flex gas line was actually an appliance connector, it was probably improper. Appliance connectors are for connecting appliances, not piping.

My mistake, the flex gas line was actually an appliance connector. Thanks

Jeff, is there a visable difference between CSST and appliance connector line?


Appliance connectors are typically smaller in diameter and three feet long. CSST can be quite long and sized as you would expect for building supply.

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Here are some pictures of a fairly common set up. The CSST is run through the wall to rigid pipe, and then to an appliance connector.

The rigid piping wasn’t really necessary in this case, but there’s nothing wrong with the set up.

Here is a picture of how NOT to install the flex gas connector.

This was in a basement, passing up through a wall up to a kitchen range.

The valve has to be in the same room preferably next to the appliance. Here is the rub … Most shut off valves for kitchen stoves are behind the appliance… Hmmm

Also, appliance connectors are absolutely not allowed to pass through walls, floors, etc.

AGA website has alot of info on csst as well as appliance connectors which are a listed assembly. Also check the Fule Gas Code or IRC fule gas section.

However you can access gas range valve by removing the bottom drawer (in most cases)

Nor through the cabinet of the appliance. About 1/2 of every furnace I see has the appliance connector going into the cabinet itself.

Jeff what happened to the pictures in #8?

I have no idea. Maybe they expired after two and a half years. . .

Let me ask you about a inspection I did a couple of weeks ago. The flex gas line was run directly in front of attic stairs. If you crawled up attic stairs the
the first thing that you would grab would be the flex

CSST can be run in the same manner as steel pipe. There are certain requirements for protection where CSST is run through walls or floors.

As long as it was properly supported, it can be run directly in front of an access point.

Here’s an example.



I would reccomend that the tubing be protected from physical damage if you think someone might step on it.

…or use it for a grab bar/handrail.