Gas lantern clearance

Is there a specific clearance for a gas lantern from an openable window? Picture attached? Thanks

Not that I know of. Are you thinking the small amount of CO it produces is going to get sucked into the home and kill people?

Yes, that is the concern. I am aware of clearances for vented appliances but admit to being stumped on a decorative gas lamp. Frankly have never seen or recognized it before. A brain fart of sorts.

We used to live in houses with candles and oil lanterns. Keep that in mind.

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Thanks Bob. Looks like 12 inches top and 6 sides from combustibles is all that is needed. These decorative fixtures are becoming more popular and it seems the exhaust they produce is not a concern relative to window location. I can only surmise it is relative to their small BTU.

That has long been forgotten Joe, by most people of the new generation. ;):mrgreen:

I see homes with 1,000 candles and oil based plug in wall deodorizers all the time. :wink: Unless something is presented looks like you can stick one of these right under a window providing there is 12 inches vertical and 6 inches horizontal clearance from combustibles.

Something else new to me. Plumber ran CSST on the crawl space soil. I read installation manual of a major manufacturer and no comment. Gas code says protect pipe from corrosion. The manufacturer of the pipe emailed me and would not say you could not lay it on the soil or if the plastic cover met corrosion requirements. Their installation manual does not say yes or no and they point to gas code. Unless the code authority says no (and some say no) seem like you can lay CSST on the soil in a crawl space. Will keep you posted if anything new comes up.

A new twist on candles and oil lamps. Only 50 years ago they brought black gas pipe up from the soil in the center of a crawlspace and GFCI was unknown.

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