Gas line in front of vent

I know what common sense tells me but since I have never seen this one what are the issues? :smiley:

I would the same as you recommend re-routing the line as acidic exhaust is already corroding the black iron pipe. The installer had the same IQ as a board fence.

That was my main concern. I didn’t know if exhaust temps would have any chance of igniting a leak. I was doubtful but you never know, my luck it would.

All gas has moisture in the exhaust and will eat that pipe away. That pipe should also be painted yellow and or be marked for gas. The union is too close to the exhaust also according to standards today.

Paint is used in commercial south of the border it is understood that black iron is gas, galvanized is water in residential

Opps! I should always check where the person asking the question is from.
Thanks for the info Charley.
Does that mean you don’t recommend it be yellow painted or tagged for Gas?

Beat me to the paint , lolol

Sorry we are not in Canada. Could you see the looks if I started flagging all the iron pipe be painted yellow…

You only wish you were as advanced as Canada lol Good idea yellow paint