Gas Meter in bedroom closet

Did an inspection yesterday and the gas meter and regulator were in the closet of a bedroom (former garage converted into a bedroom some time ago). Anyway, I called it out and recommended evaluation by the local Municipal Building Code Inspectors. It’s something that defies reason, logic, and safety in my book—actually I run into a fair number of gas meters in basements which municipal building inspectors tell me they are working to relocate outdoors as quickly as they can, but this is a first in actual living space (and sleeping quarters, no less). I thought I’d share for fun and comments.

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It is not what I would want. :flushed:

As long as the regulator, and it is in this case, is vented outdoors I don’t see it as a major safety issue. How is it different from say, a direct vented water heater installed in a closet? In fact, a gas-fired water heater is a lot more likely to malfunction and leak exhaust or gas into the closet way before a gas meter would.

Is it better to have it located outside for access and maintenance? yes, and is the reason why in new construction meters are usually on the outside.

As far as regulations, it’s completely up to the local codes and the gas utility. The garage conversion should have proper C of O, however.


Looks like a professionally installed secure meter, with the regulator vented outside as @srechkin noted.

It’s not like these things are particularly fragile. You could ask other questions like would the shutoff be found if needed? Is there another shutoff outside?
Are the smoke and CO detectors at that level functional? Would your client feel more comfortable added a combustible gas detector?

Gas pipe and devices more complex than this are at every level of many homes.

Was the garage conversion done with permits? What’s the floor look like? What moisture problems are present?

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I don’t see a problem.
What exactly did you “call out” in your report?

I’m thinking there has to be a way to hook up Your gas grill to that…man just think How great that would be You could cook a steak bedside !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Lots of gas meters in the basement around here. That’s the way it was done in the 60s. Gas company just came through and pit in new gas lines including moving the meter. It’s still in the basement of every house done in the neighborhood. The things that probably need reporting in your case is how the garage conversion was done - HVAC, insulation, ventilation, etc.