Gas meter in garage

Does a gas meter and turn off need to have crash bars installed to protect them. It is installed near front door on side of garage. See the crash bars in driveways and would think it needs it if at rear wall - but what about side wall space where the car is not driven?
cant find anything in the residential codes.

After reading many Strings .I think you need to talk to the supplier .Many different regulations for many different locations

I would say that the corner of the garage structure is a pretty good bollard.

check with the utility.

there is vent on some meters.

Yes the vent is outside - as Ive noticed in the code book as being required. The buyer and Agent and I had a laugh on how someone would would have to take the front wall with it to hit, but nothing wrong in being cautious. I will call the utility on Monday, for now it appears it’s ok looking at building practices literature. Recent install also. Never saw one in a garage on the ground - always something new. Thanx guys.