Gas Prices !!!!

So gas hit $1.30 a liter out here yesterday, for you American folk that is about $4.90 a gallon !:shock:

Time to consider fuel surcharge…

I’m debating trading my Durango for a Smart Car…

The Telestep ladder would fit nicely in it!


And some Home inspectors do Inspections for $199.00. $hit it costs $40.00 in gas to get to and from an inspection at today’s prices. BTW the price of gas in Toronto is $1.07/litre for reg.

Strange, considering the cost of gas State side, even with taxes figured in and the smaller US gallon is sitll cheaper.

New evidence suggests that we are being overcharged about 15 cents a litre here in Ontario. Everyone blames the oil companies, but the government loves the winfall taxes it takes in. Do you see the government offering to reduce their share of tax revenue by 15 cents? Of course not.

I am only putting $20 worth of fuel in at a time. When you have to also buy fuel for grass cutting and diesel fuel, fuel costs become very expensive.

If costs stay high I think you will be seeing many people getting rid of their fuel hungry cars/trucks.

Fwiw, I did an inspection this week and travelled outside of my area and charged an additional $50 each way. The client believe it or not had no qualms in paying.

Interestingly, the “high prices” haven’t done anything to the level of consupmtion. The oil companies continue to rake us over the coals as they have decreased their production capacities by somewhere over 30% over the last ten years. This artificially causes a shortage of product and up goes the price as the market forces come into play. Until a way can be found to force the oil companies to start producing more gasoline ( there is no oil shortage) we will continue to take it up the tail pipe :shock:

Of course they put the prices up just in time for the summer season, when demand goes up. Timing is everything.

Boycots don’t seem to work, but I wonder what would happen if everyone started filling up with half a tank, or purchasing half of what you normally do. That would seem to be better then a complete boycot because lets face it we need the stuff.

I’m thinking of getting one of these.

That, in its self, is the problem.

We need to ween our selves off of it. They all know we need it, and will pay for it, so they have no reason to change anything.

We are causing the problem…

And I am next door to the biggest oil producing Province in the country, yet we have the highest prices…:roll:

The sign is priceless however. :wink:

I know what you mean about the prices. We’re almost $4/gallon here. Which is bad enough. I feel bad for those in higher brackets.

Yes, we do it to ourselves! The recent US vehicle sales stats saw an increase in sales of larger SUV’s. Just because we can afford them doesn’t mean we should buy them.

I have followed oil and gas stocks for the past 6-7 years with success. When you see where some of the investment $$$$ are going, you know they are running out of easy to get conventional reserves. Why else would they want to spend money in such risky political areas so far from home?

Hight gas prices will look after those who chose to buy gas guzzlers. Higher prices will result in conservation.

At least with a diesel you can do minor alterations and burn vegetable oil.

That’s why I drive a VW TDI.

With a ready supply of used deep fryer oil, you can buy a kit to refine it at home and burn it in your diesel. Most restuarants pay to have their used oil picked up and disposed of. Just think how eagerly restuarants would love to get rid of their oil without having to pay for removal.

There may be a “ready supply” but that would soon dry up as market forces came into play. The used oil would then begin to be perceived to have value and the price would go up accordingly. I’m quite sure the amount of used frying oil available would would soon be depleted. It’s probably a good deal for those willing to deal with it now but that would not last long. IMO

Michael that scenario would not happen over nite, and at the very least other supplies of fresh oil are available… corn oil, canola oil, sunflower oil… even large industrial users of veggie oil exist, such as potato chip manufacturing come to mind.

Drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the demand.
But let me stop you from burning vegetable oil. I believe in recycling when it makes sense.

Shocked me, I just had to save it.:wink:

Unfortunalty the more the deep fyer oil is used for deep frying the less valuable it is to make bio-deisel. Find one of those potato chip manufactures who can’t reuse the oil to much (otherwise their chip gets to dark) and your all set.

Why would that shock you?

I am a firm believer in efficient, cost effective and non wasteful use of resources.