Gas stub in laundry room

I am doing an inspection and there is a gas line stub behind a paneled wall. This stub is only visible through a 1" hole i found in the wall behind an electrical plate screwed to the wall. Is this O.K. or is complete accessibility and/or a valve required here?

I can’t see any issues with it, it’s probably for hook up if you have a gas dryer. A valve would be required if it was in fact connected to a dryer…

If only visible through a 1" hole, how could you tell if it was a gas stub line?
Gas lines should not be terminated in walls without access or valves and identified as such.
Pictures would help. :slight_smile:

Agree with Marcel. Typically, a gas pipe would be stubbed out past the wall surface with a shut off valve and a cap/plug on the end of the pipe/valve…where it could be accessed for use. And, pictures would help.


what Marcel and Larry said…

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That’s true, hope you had a good inspection. I started at 8, report delivered at 2…

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How do you know it was gas?