Here's a great one for gas dryers.

I inspected a 1977 house today and the homeowner was doing his own remodeling and installed his own gas line for the dryer and the exhaust duct was his own creation check it out. What would you say. There are so many things that are wrong here. It is on the garage side where the owner punched a hole through the firewall for the gas line. And look at the electrical wire touching the flue.

A picture is worth 1000 words. But there is really only one needed here. REALLY?

I don’t see anything wrong with it. Don’t be nit-picky.

I guess that is why were in business. :cool:

Whats the Grey hose in the wall? and where does that extension cord go?

How close are you to Waukesha, Wi

also was there another cut out above ,masked with duct tape.?

The gray conduit is the service for the main electrical service panel, I believe the extension cord you are calling(white) is a romex wire rubbing against the makeshift dryer exhaust.
Never a dull moment in home inspection.:shock:

I stand by my opinion as we do not use hose or extension cords in Chicago.

We use real conduit and do it right.:wink:

Yes there were several in the garage where someone was doing plumbing, gas line and electrical repairs. You should see the electrical box. It was stuffed with so many breakers it took 8 throws to turn off power and had a 100 amp sub for the shop in back with combined neutrals and grounds.
The whole electrical system was changed from its original configuration and had lots of reversed polarity outlets, non working gfci’s and non working outlets. The home owner had built shelving in the attic on 1x3 trusses with 3/4 partical board and stored a bunch of stuff on them. It was more like a 4 hr inspection on a 1300 sq ft house. The garage was somewhat changed into a sleeping room for a child and there was both a gas water heater and a gas furnace in use in the same area.
But thats what i live for LOL:cool:

Mr Elliott I was first licensed in springfield ILL. and one of the best was when the home owner stuffed the soffit vents with insulation to make the house warmer and could not figure out why his roof was shot.:shock:
Never inspected in Chicago just went for the beer.:mrgreen:

Hour drive, why do you ask Mark?

You say “WE”…

So your telling us that every house in Chicago is wired properly?

You need to come out to the burbs.

People out here seem to think extension cords can be used as permanent wiring for everything from outdoor lights to garages to septic tanks.

And that doesn’t even include the regular electrical fire hazzards in the garages. :shock:

They may have FPE,Zinsco,Cross contamination of ground and neutral,no gfci,no afci.loose outlets,BX,Greenfield,etc,but by golly it is in hard metal tubes the way our maker intended.

Rick …that is why I am called Chicago Property Inspection and not Commuters Nightmare Services.:stuck_out_tongue:

We would not have an inspection industry today if we did not have duct tape.

As an inspector “Irregular use of materials and construction is likely not compliant to general standards, recommend evaluation by qualified tech/XXX as it is likely a safety concern” Noted as a Item needing service. Or something like that…

As a friend or neighbor “If you are really trying to start a fire or explosion with the rigged flex line passing through a wall, you could try a little harder as that may take some time” Also "Assuming it will catch on fire someday, be sure to store valuables and documents off site or in a safe deposit box.