What is this for?

Inspected 2 homes on Saturday that had pipe stubbed out of the wall with pressure gage attached. Does anyone know what it is for. At first I thought it was for an in wall pest control system, but it does not look like others I’ve seen.

Was the home all electric or was part gas?

All Electric, I thought of gas also but could find no gas stub outs.

I would have guessed gas pressure test. Whenever I’m not sure about something, I always recommend asking the seller about it.


Left over Test Gauge.

Hard to tell what system it is without more info?

I live in an area where houses are either all electric or have LPG. Many of the all-electric houses were plumbed for gas anyway in case the owner wanted to install gas appliances.

Was there any evidence of gas plumbing in the house? Stubs behind range, dryer, water heater, fireplace, etc?