Gas valve located insed gas firplace

Do you consider a gas valve located inside a fireplace a defect?

I don’t know about Chicago because it is on a different Planet but in Okla gas valves are allowed in the fireplace if it only contains a gas Log

I have seen or heard in the past that it is okay. Always thought it was stupid however.

Jeff, no it’s not a defect.

I personal think it should be a defect, gas valve inside a fireplace just make no sense to me.
But I live in Chicago,

The gas shutoff behind the kitchen stove doesn’t really make sense either, but it is the way it is.

I agree! How could you turn it off if the fire got out of hand?

Oven mitt :smiley:

Jeff, was there a keyed valve outside the fireplace as well?

No, inside only

I was told once when I brought up this question by Village of Gurnee building inspector that valves inside fireplace are permitted, BUT there should still be a secondary shut off outside of the fireplace. (typically a keyed valve)

If equipped with pilot light, there has to be a stop installed on the damper as well.

That is what I was also told, I think it depends on the village or county, the stop on the damper I find all the time, I have seen vent less gas logs installed into a old brick type fireplace.

G2420.5 (409.5)Equipment shutoff valve.

Each appliance shall be provided with a shutoff valve separate from theappliance. The shutoff valve shall be located in the same room as theappliance, not further than 6 feet (1829 mm) from the appliance, and shall beinstalled upstream from the union, connector or quick disconnect device itserves. Such shutoff valves shall be provided with access.

    • Exception:
      Shutoff valves for vented decorative appliances and decorative appliances forinstallation in vented fireplaces shall not be prohibited from being installedin an area remote from the appliance where such valves are provided with readyaccess. Such valves shall be permanently identified and shall serve no otherequipment.
    • G2420.5.1 (409.5.1) Shutoff valve in fireplace. Equipment shutoff valves located in the firebox of a fireplace shall be installed in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s instructions.

Thanks for the info

IF its listed for that specific application, model, type, etc … OK

IF some yazoo placed a gas log with valve in a masonry fireplace … NO

Listed for the applicable unit or NO WAY