Gas wood stove venting

Is the black soot caused by poor combustion of the gas wood stove? I have not seen this much soot from these stoves before.

From here it looks the siding has melted.

It’s wood siding.

Should the exhaust come out further away from the siding?

Then is it burnt paint?

It’s hard to tell from here, bur apparently something is wrong. At minimum a better shield for protection. Advise a Certified [size=2]Chimney Professional for inspection of the chimney, flue, and components.

Not burnt, just stained.
Ya, Ill do that. Was hoping to get some info here though.

Something is definitely wrong.

As far as I know side venting of wood burning is not allowed and neither is 90 degree bends in the pipe. The outside hood show is for gas only I believe. I would call for sure call this out and also maybe the AHJ.

It is gas. It does look like smoke from a wood stove though.

I would not advise using the term “gas wood stove” in your report.

Yes, I am confused by that too.

Were the fresh air/combustion vents operational/open? Burning “rich”, not enough oxygen.

Yes I agree burning rich .

The gas flame when burning is hard to see so they are set slightly out of adjustment to show the flame .

I expect this is just further out of adjustment then it should be .
Recommend service by a qualified person… Roy

What about that damn window?

They need to move the window! :shock: