Gasoline Prices

I’m not sure why gas is so high in my area jobs are dropping left and right so i wouldnt agree with the supply and demand arguement.

well we agree on one issue i guess

Gas is high all over.

Why don’t you “buy the supply and demand argument”?
Do you think something else is going on?

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sorry new to site i really dont know its like there trying to break us down or something trust me when you see people losing there houses and families fallling apart over finances its kinda hard not to get upset

If you are getting your news off the television, do yourself a favor and STOP. It is the worst source of truthful information in the world. Conditions are not nearly as bad as they are making it out to be. Some people are losing their homes because they did not qualify for the loan when they got it. It is always about choices people make. MOST people make piss poor choices all their lives.

I’m sure that hard to watch.

We have lived in an era of easy credit and inflating home prices and too often people sucked the equity out of their inflated property value and lived on it or spent money they really should not have.

They were helped by lenders that foolishly lent money to some less than credit worthy borrowers.

It’s always hard to lose a job and unless one plans ahead for that they will be in a precarious position when it happens.

Some people bought homes well above their means on the wager that the value of the house would grow fast enough to kep taking some equity out of it. All good things come to an end and now it;s time to pay the piper so to speak.

I go into houses all the time where the home is literally a dump but they got the biggest flat screen TV they could fit into the room, PSP consoles all over the house, thousands of dollars worth of DVDs and a 40 thousand dollar vehicle in the gravel driveway. If someone has to have a new pair of shoes it throws the whole budget out of kilter. Too many people are living or should say borrowing above their means to pay it. Yet, the banks keep giving them credit cards and loaning them money on the equity in their homes or land. I do not know how many mobile homes I have done inspections on because people are taking out second mortgages on them or getting reverse mortgages. It is insane.

Check this out … two years ago … why are we still driving cars that run on gas?

Let’s just say I’ll believe that when I see it. If it were even remotely possible the inventor and manufacturer would be the richest in the world. I won’t be holding my breath.:roll:

You are dead on Doug, I had a cancellation this week over a couple with an total income of $90,000, looking at their first house $299,000 no money down which would have been maybe $325,000 mortgage over 30 years, the only thing that stopped the mortgage was his brand pick-up for $55,000 and of course no-money-down. Payments disqualifed them for the mortgage, likely a blessing in disguise for them. This would have been a disaster for them. This is not an expensive area by the way, our 10 acre hobby farm was only $150,000 four years ago, now maybe 200,000, they just wanted it all right away.
She also is pi$$ed and wants to burn the pickup:twisted:

I hear ya man. I see it all the time here. A lot of young couples and even some singles are trying to have everything it took Dad and Mom years to get right now and they are into hock to the their eyebrows. Got some in my own family doing this. Can’t scrape together lunch money but got a new car. I had a Realtor friend of mine, top notch guy, tell me of a couple he was working with to get into a house. They could have qualified except while waiting for the paperwork to run through they went out and bought a house full of new furniture and appliances so when they ran the credit check on them…guess what? Too much debt due to the furniture purchases.

Normal up here too,it would have been worse if they hadn’t bought the stuff first and got the house, say it was $10,000 in furniture, as soon as you own the house now they have even more credit available and sooner or later the piper needs to be paid. I have friends that are on their 3rd 25 year mortgage, owned the house now for 6 years. Nice vehicles, trips, furniture, toys - you name it. Remember the days the banks wanted you to have equity in your home? It’s almost naughty now to have equity, alot of people are just relying on parents to croak and that’s how they will pay the house off, reverse mortgages are ruining that plan. Not saying I make perfect decisions, I have certainly goofed a couple times, but we try to live within our means.

What do think has been keeping the economy going for the last 4 or 5 years? :wink: Now it’s time for the pay back.:eek:

Will they never learn?

Having a strong conviction regarding a viewpoint and having at least a few people agreeing with it doesn’t make it a fact.:roll:

losing your job is not usually a descision and yes i agree alot of people do put themselves in bad situations,I never watch the news I work in the new construction industry so i see it first hand ,you keep making personal remarks as though you know someone through a thread online a very ignorant thing to do.

[/quote)Oh well, Uncle Sam to the rescue. :roll:

What’s been happening is very similar to the S&L scandal of the 80’s. Loan money to anybody and everybody, then start raising their rates while their property value declines. :twisted:

Of course, none of this has been confirmed, so it’s hard to say whether Mr. Klein’s invention is a) for real, b) actually usable or c) a complete hoax. For example, many have said that the energy required to convert H2O to HHO is greater than that produced when the HHO is burned.

My money is on C.

Your right I should have wrote the industrialization process was the beginning of a process that will inevidibly come full circle. You can say were not over populated and that we have plenty of resources but the bottom line is it takes land to grow food and raise food. it takes energy and alot of energy to produce these basic goods needed for daily life to proceed , now the price just to fuel up the tractors that plow the feilds is sky high the cost to get the food from the farm to the distributor and the distributor to the store then it costs us more to drive to that store and pay a higher price on every single product. Without industrialisation sure we wouldnt be ale to have this discussion right now we might be sitting around a fire or in bed getting ready for a long day of hand plowing some feilds,but we would not be dependant on anyone but ourselves. God forbid anything ever happens to send us back a few decades because if some catastophic occurance were to happen there would be alot of hungry people.

even if it were real and the cost of producing it were low we would never see . Theres no way the government would let us off that easy.