GE THQL Breaker with multiple conductors

I was called out to do a 4Pt and a WindMit.

Came across a 15 Amp GE THQL Breaker with a DoubleTap on it. The seller of the home advised that he is a master electrician and on the county board for whatever and explained that GE THQL’s can accept 2 conductors… With the plaques and certs on his walls, I didn’t bother to challenge him.

However, in looking up the specs on the breaker. I can’t find anything that would indicate its 2 conductor complaint. The basic design of the lug would intuitive indicate 1 conductor. Further reading on another form showed manufacturing specs for the breaker say 2-14 awg. Which to me suggests a range of 2awg through 14awg, But to this master electrician… Must mean something else.

I’m going to write it up anyway.
To my knowledge, only marked Square D QO Series breakers are 2 conductor compliant.

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Good choice, Paul!

Typically one would look for this:

twowirebreaker (Small)


Right, Square D QO series have lugs like that. and some have little stickers next to the lug that advise 2 cu conductors

I believe Cutler makes a breaker that accepts two wires as well. But as far as I know, those are the only two.


Yes! I believe you are right, I ran into once of those once last month. Never saw one before, but it was marked so snapped my photo for the report and moved on.

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I’m looking at on of those CB’s right now and nowhere does it indicate that it can be used for more than one conductor. It doesn’t even say the wire range for the terminal on the breaker which is pretty unacceptable. Looking at the photo the one conductor appears to be wedged in the locking mechanism and not even in the wire terminal. I would bet that you could pull it right out by hand.


My thought also.


I’d be writing that up as a double tap all day every day.
As already mentioned, that particular breaker is not designed for two conductors and IMO you did the right thing by not challenging the seller.

Good call to write it up anyway. :+1:


So these are improper?

And there should be nothing in this slot?

Or is it just the angle of the wire coming into the CB throwing me off?

Those are the correct ones.


Meaning they can have two wires, Rob?

I was referring to the two red circles in the first photo, those conductors are in the correct insertion points for the conductors. The one near the front is likely jammed into the threads of the screw and is out of the terminal.


Thanks, I didn’t think so.


I try to never talk to sellers, if I have to, I get written permission from my client or their attorney, you did the right thing. A few years back, some of the most hazardous, incorrectly installed electrical I’ve seen were in a licensed electricians house. He also was the head whatever at the meadowlands sports complex. He wasn’t happy with me either. My word of advice, never waiver from what you have learned no matter who’s house it is, no matter how many award plaques are on their walls.