Panel question, lugs & tandems

Wanting to confirm that this lug is only rated for one conductor. Label states “6-2/0 AWG (2 terminals)” and that tandems not allowed. “40 poles maximum.”
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Correct, no tandem breakers allowed or 2 conductors in those terminals.

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Simon is on it Eli. Mis-use of tandem breakers is something I see a lot.


GE would not be happy to see Challenger breakers in there

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Thank you all for responding and always helping!

What he said. ^^^^^^^^^^

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Thank you Larry!

You’re welcome, Eli! :smile:

Not only are 2 conductors terminating under one lug, the stand cable material are two metals. CU and AL.
Terminations can be either or AL/CU but not combined under a lug.

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Thank you Robert.

My pleasure, Eli.