Generate leads as a new inspector

What are some ways new inspectors generate leads??

  • Social media advertising (facebook, instagram, tiktok, etc.)
  • Traditional advertising (newspaper, radio, etc.)
  • Word of mouth through friends and relatives.
  • Cold calling agents.
  • Google ads
  • Lead services (angi, thumbtack, nextdoor, etc.)

Sandwich board by the side of the road :slight_smile:

Not trying to be a smartass but if any of us had actually figured it out do you think we’d be so nice as the freely share it here?

Even in good times it’s tough out there… and we are in/heading in to not so good times. Good old-fashioned hard work and boots on the ground is your best bet. Visit real estate offices but have something better than, “Hi, I’m new and want to do inspections.” You need something to offer that’s better than anyone else (and I don’t mean doing inspections for $99). Despite what those selling training and schools might have told you, this is a tough biz to succeed in.


Start with Google My Business. It’s free. Best of luck !!


And with very few exceptions, you always get what you pay for!!

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…and most don’t!!

Just a WAG, but I bet there are thousands that join here every year… and only a handful that survive their first year!!