Hi all,

I received a text from this Smith company today telling me about a homeowner looking for an inspection.
They appear to be similar to Thumbtack and other supposed lead generating operations.

Anybody have any experience with them?
I’ve never heard from them before and I’ve never gone in for such “services”.
This supposedly charges a fee only if you book an appt. which I think makes it different from the others

Thanks in advance!

My question for all those so called lead generating sites is where the heck do they find these leads?

Most people looking for an inspector are either going through their agent or use google, or ask around.

I would have to think only a very, very small percentage of people who need an inspector are going to sign up with such a service to find a home inspector.

There’s reviews on the page bottom

Thanks, I did a search as well, some reviews for, some against.
Seems like a pretty new outfit.