Geo Thermal Checklist

With more and more of these popping up in my area, I was wondering if anyone had a procedure or a checklist for inspection purpose. I had only seen one in the last 3 years and have ran into 5 in the last two weeks. Thanks.

Any consistancy as to brand? Looking at Waterfurnace as an investment!!

Actually 3 of them were WaterFurnace. Home owners seemed happy with them. don’t really know much about them. Haven’t seen many. Just the last few weeks.

WaterFurnace is the way to go.

I have inspected several of these units up to 10-13 years old.

Inexpensive to operate.
Can be used in tandem to heat your domestic hot water as well…

Homeowners rave about these units…

They are no different to inspect than any other system just appears more intimidating most are more compact with controls packaged on top of each other. They still have the basic theory of refrigeration just different heat transfer methods. You should have the knowledge to just observe and determine the method of heat transfer be it water, ground, glycol or a combination there of. Operate from the thermostat and it either works or it does not. I check for visual evidence of liquid leakage, pump seal leakage nothing special about these system.

Thank you Charley. Much appreciated.