Why Britain rules the skys

Never was a big fan of the RAF, but thanks, Carl.
I made a donation already this year, and will buy you and Gerry a beer next time we meet.
PS. Jacki wants me to edit this so I don’t seem unmoved. It was funny, but I’m Army all the way.
My favorite movie is “Tunes of Glory,” my favorite character is Col. Jock Sinclair, and my favorite line is: “Would yer like a doonut with yer tea?”

It will be an honor to have a beer with you. If you are paying it will be an h[FONT=Times New Roman]onor and a
pleasure to have a beer with you. My wife and I are hpeing to get out to Cal later this year. We are going to tour the wine regions.

Call when you get here, Carl, and I’ll warm up the beer.

Hey Keith,

You may have to wait on that beer until next year. Dam IRS havce messed up my plans for a little while. I will get there in 09 and we can raise a glass to HRM together.

I thought this thread was about a party on a British Airways 747. :margarit: