Wind Mitigation

I was just wondering–I want to get into wind mitigation only. How would I go about that in the state of Florida? What type of certification do I need and where can I obtain it? What type of experience do you need? Do I have to become a cully certified home insoector? Does anyone have any website links that would be helpful in answering the many other questions I have?

Thanks for your info!

You need to be a licensed building inspector, cheif building official, architect, engineer, certified contractor or certified through the my safe florida program.

Kim just as rgrizzle stated to get certified , first you have to take a one day training course offered by the University of Florida. $150.00 pass the class exam with a 90 or better score, if you fail you don’t need to retake the course. But to retake the test it was a fee of $75.00. [size=2]Once you have been notified that you have successfully completed the inspector training course, you will be required to undergo a level 2 background check as well as a 5-panel drug screening. then you must obtain employment with a WCE. if you need more information you can visit the website**[size=2]

I will not them anymore for a WCE. They want to much. Why measure the windows in the non match fund area. It is stupid and a waste to do it. Orange county people will not get matching funds.When you do it on the insurance form you do not have to take pics.

What is a WCE?

wind certification entity