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John Fordyce here.

I recently finished up a Marketing Course designed specifically to show other Home Inspectors a unique way I do marketing that virtually boosts my business overnight when it needs it. The course’s name is the Lead Generation Blueprint will show you exactly how to use the off-the-wall marketing tactics I do to boost your home inspection business in slow times.

It’s a very effective course, I’ve sold some on ebay and have heard great things about it so far. I know the chances of someone buying this course and actually living close enough to me to hurt my business personally is slim. That’s why I’ve decided to share the marketing strategies with you reading this right now to pass this along.

Get your copy soon and receive a free report on…

“How to Write Mind Boggling Head Lines for Your Home Inspection Advertisements”

I’m also offering a discount to NACHI members only, no other organization… Visit the link below to see the Lead Generation Blueprint for Home Inspectors…

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$250.00 is the average??? WOW!!! Is that for an outhouse?

I’m not sure what you mean…?

What he means is $250 is very low.
The national average is $350-$450 for a small house.

Here is your challenge.
If you are sure of your system,put your theory to the test ,by submitting your website for site of the month.

ok, i understand. I try to keep it as inexpensive as I possibly can. I’m going to be moving them up very soon probably to $289.00

Has anyone ordered the book?

$289? must have added running water.

Yes, I have the website tracked and a few inspectors from here have purchased the ecourse. I’m awaiting their feedback on it. No matter what at $22 this ebook is a steal… if it could generate anyone 1 more inspection it would pay for itself over 10 x. Thats a good deal in my book.

Thanks for reading,


You’re killing me Paul… :smiley:

Who realy cares what HIS price average is. He’s not in your area. CA is a whole other ball game, they get alot more for inspections there. Every area is different. Try his program with your prices and see what happens. I have not read this, but you could find some other stupid way to spend $27 on marketing, right? Bob, probably gets $350 being in Chi, inspectors in rural areas will get ower fees. Just the way the cookie crumbles. Just get tired of hearing people rip on others prices. Take care of your own, however you need to I guess.

I don’t see the correlation between WOM and this program.

I didn’t understand what he meant either…

Worth repeating. :wink:

For instance the cost of living and home listing prices are a major factor to consider. For example a 2 BR house, the cost of gas and property tax are much higher in Chicago and surrounding suburbs than living areas 150 miles to the south. This is also relevant in many other parts of the country.

"How to Write Mind Boggling Head Lines for Your Home Inspection Advertisements"

What I meant is ,if you are able to write attention grabbing headlines it should correlate to your HI website.

I checked out your site and would like to see if it is really better marketing.

I could see how they might be related, SEO wise, but I think (and I haven’t ordered the course) his course is more designed around headlines on your marketing material (flyers, brochures, ad words etc) than SEO for your site.

Site of the Month still has no correlation to actual SEO results/rankings.

my .02

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How 'bout I buy you a beer and you can share. :wink:

I’ll be happy to pay you Monday for a beer today. :slight_smile:

If you’re comin to the seminar on the 25th I’ll buy ya a beer!

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