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I don’t feel I’m spamming anything or anybody - but because you do…I’ll erase my thread.

What a great Idea!

Looks like yet another dirt bag trying to sell cr-p to newbies and desperate idiots.
Everything needed is here for free and guys selling this stuff are failed inspectors.

I’m not a dirtbag. You didn’t even see the thread. Don’t jump the gun.

John you posted it in the classified section which is where it was supposed to be posted. Some people have nothing better to do than put people down who are trying to help fellow inspectors get ahead. Thanks for your help.

Thank you very much for your comments.

You just got yourself free copy of my Home Inspector Marketing Course - PM me your email address and I’ll get you a copy right away.

I’m still not going to repost the thread. It does well enough on the search engines and people can find it…and to think I even had a killer discount for NACHI members only.

Anyways…I’m not here to upset anybody and he didn’t like my thread…so maybe I’ll try again some day down the road.

Thanks Again

And just because you gave a copy to a member. I will buy a copy…karma is a good thing

Thanks John, I try to help my fellow inspectors and appreciate your offer. Maybe I’ll get that Know-it all Eliott a book on internet manners.

Karma is good Mr. Hensel.

It’s all good.

He just doesn’t know that I’m an actual home inspector like he is…not an Internet salesman. Spammers do suck big time and I’ve been an Internet Marketer for 7 years or so and don’t want my name attached anywhere to that.

I just found a unique way for people to get more home inspections - and figured I’d throw it out here for people that are interested in trying some different kind of home inspection marketing.

If he’d apologize and give me the benefit of the doubt…I’d probably send him a copy. Who knows…all is well :slight_smile:

  1. I had no idea that was your product .

  2. Thought you were crowing for a typical Marketing Guru like the kind who keep sending me junk mail and charge Inspectors for some supposed secret knowledge which is basically nothing more than website marketing strategy combined with good old fashioned Guerrilla marketing.
    Nothing I hate more than leeches and pyramid schemes selling false hope that one can get something for nothing.

I take back the scumbag remark but still do not approve of marketing ways to market as that is doublespeak.

We have a marketing section where we share our knowledge ,though maybe next time someone wants help with roofing,electrical,plumbing ,etc we should all charge by the answer.See my point?

Hate to say it but just like all those guys plugging no money down and cash flow business ideas…if they work why do you have so much free time to sell marketing ?:):):slight_smile:

My response was also based on that you mentioned you had removed the post yet I still saw the link and since it was removed I figured you knew it was wrong,though once again I had no idea you were the purveyor.

P.S I did not even realize there was a classified section.

I completely understand we have a marketing section to share tips and help others and you can find me posting there when I can. My Home Inspector marketing course is over 30 pages long on a marketing tactics that I know and use all the time. I wrote every word myself and have over 40 hours in creating and writing the course and building and designing the website. I do it all myself. Just as any other writer/online marketer I feel my time is worth something. I sell the course 10x less than 1 home inspection and I’m positive the strategies my e-book covers will help people get many more than than one. I’ve sold many copies…and have never had a refund yet. My marketing course has value to those who need to give their business a kick in the pants… and with infrared cameras and moisture meters costing $5000 its the best $27 home inspection tool you will ever find.

I appreciate all of your insight…and I will not post the thread again.

I don’t want to upset any inspectors or be “that guy”.

If we have a classified section here you have every right to post.
I simply ask you do not push personal profit marketing on regular threads to the point where some new guy asks how to approach Brokers offices and up you pop with the kind offer to help him make a ton of money by simply buying your book to riches and wealth in the Inspection Industry.

Now promise that once someone gets this first book you will never ,ever offer to provide yet more books or services for yet another fee.:slight_smile:

You are low key about it so best of Luck, but save your copy .Linus needs it.:slight_smile:

John, please don’t stop posting…
I am new here and can use every truth…just the facts.
Don’t ya’ll try to baffle me with BS. Teach me something.


Sure ,Just send me $100 and I will send you a PDF list of what you need to succeed so that you can make $100,000 in your first year,while working part time.

Try it out…I promise if you don’t feel you got your money worth I’ll give it right back to you. This really works…!

Wow! Sounds like you really examined this thoroughly before stating your professional opinion for others to base a purchase decision off of. Hmmm…

Oh… and this particular forum has been around since December 2008… FYI :wink:

Again excellent observation skills… :stuck_out_tongue: Come on… you can do better Bob. I’ve seen it out of you.

Yeah he hammered me pretty bad.

I’m truly not a bad guy though…just trying to show some people something I use that is a little of the beaten path. Phonebooks and business cards never cut it for me. It’s okay…maybe it wasn’t smart for me to bring in the message board. No one likes to buy anything and especially if there is “someone selling something”. People can still find the package through home inspection training and get more home inspections on Google…so I’ll still get to help “the smart ones”