Getting a Supra Key

So…I called the Utah County Association of Realtors and they said I need four things to get a Supra key:

  1. Pay $220 a year to become an “affiliate”
  2. Pay $200 a year to rent the key
  3. Have a $10k “bond” for loss or theft of possessions resulting from key use (Am I right in saying InterNACHI’s Honor Guarantee can be used for this?)
  4. Have $300k in general liability insurance

Everything is straightforward except #4. Where do I get this and does anyone know an estimated cost? Thanks!

You should not even be inspecting homes if you do not have GL insurance. What happens if you catch the house on fire or flood the house or whatever? Ya ain’t going to call the Ghost Busters! :slight_smile: It is just basic good business to have this type of insurance.

The price difference between $300k and $1M will not be all that much. Expect to pay in the $300 to $500 range depending on the company you go with. You might try the company that you have your home and car insurance with, most write business GL as well.

SO, my $1M E and O should work for this requirement?

GL insurance go to FREA $1,000,000 is $500 a year.

E&O and general are two different policies. You need both.

We have them all including the Suprakey.

We carry in excess of 1 Million General Liability…
Ironic that someone is asking how to get it…

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Why do you need a supra-key?

Joseph, do you have pricing?

Gary, to get into houses of course!

We use a SupraKey to gain access to properties. The Realtor does not have to let us in. Saves us time, money and lots of aggravation.

Sheehan …

Like Scott said / I wouldn’t let you cross my doorstep w/out GL.

About $450-$550 p/year

How can you NOT have it … Are U just starting??

One other thing … Don’t know bout UR area BUT where I’m at REAL MEN home inspectors make the commissioned sales people get out of bed and open the houses.

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I have a SURPA and in St. Louis you would loose business without it. I pay close to $400 a year for it which includes association fees.

Explain that to us.

If your client hires you to perform the inspection, are you saying that the Realtor tells them they have to find someone else because they won’t get off their a s s to open the door??? BS!

No they will come but you’re name will spread around fast around the office that you’re not equipped with SURPA and referrals/internet jobs is all you’ll ever see. I’m looking at the whole piece of marketing pie.

So, you are saying that only your Realtor based referrals are effected. That sure is a lot different than what you stated. Any inspector who does not depend on Realtor referrals, will not notice any perceptible drop in business by refusing to play the “Kiss the Agents arse” game. Gotcha!

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Yes I’m saying realtor based referrals will take a pounding if you don’t have SUPRA. Like it or not we all know realtors can create business for us why cut them out totally? Those who do is just loosing business. I will never bow down to any broker/realtor but I will market to them and if they want the same quality inspection I give to anyone else then great. If not then they can choose someone else. But to cut them out completely or any piece of your marketing pie well in my opinion your just loosing business “unless” you can completely sustain what you need in life with just internet/past client referrals alone. If so great… but I haven’t been in business long enough in this area to do that yet but it’s getting there. But like I said without a SUPRA in my area most agents won’t consider you if you don’t have a SUPRA key.

Agents that will not suggest you unless you have a supra key are not professional, or interested in the transaction, or you. Just saying.

They want you to have a supra key so you will pay the fees to “their” association.

Agents should all be on-site for your inspection, for many reasons; and for your liability. Agents have co-workers or assistants that can let you in if the buyer agent cannot be there.

If I were an agent, I would sure check to see who actually is inspecting the home; a home inspector or an office dispatched person?

RI stopped using the supra key system a while back. The agent is at nearly all inspections, i get the occasional lock box code for a vacant dwelling.

Gary this is just my opinion. Everytime I book a inspection well 99% of the time the agent ask if I have SUPRA. When I didn’t have it a few years back you could almost hear the gasp in their voice. So it’s my opinion that you really do need a SUPRA key to stand out to the majority of the crowd.