No SupraKey, No Referrals

Of those who do not have SupraKeys, are you implicitly given this ultimatium by many realtors? Does anyone see this as a serious ethics concern?

Hi Nick

I’m not one of the inspectors who does not have a Supra Key, but through experience, I can tell by the Realtors voice on the phone they are very happy they can go on being their lazy selves and not open the door.

Personally I would not be without one, since they are available to inspectors in AZ. The key just saves so much nonsense waiting for Realtors to show up, generally late, and if the buyer wants the place re-inspected after repairs are done I don’t need to call anyone, since I already have the code for that Key.

If they are available to you, I highly recommend getting one.

Ethic concerns from Realtors is the last thing on my mind, but I do find a lot of them lazy, I guess you could call that a motivational concern.

I know several realtors that think home inspectors should not have the keys.:smiley:

I would have to buy 5 keys to cover all of the areas that I work in. I would get one if I only needed one.

Hi Bruce…!!!

Funny how things are different in other areas of the country…:smiley:

When I ask the Realtor for the CBS code, I can hear the bed sheets being pulled back over their head in the background…:smiley:


They usually say: “If you have any problems getting in, be sure to call me”…:smiley:

Good reply Dale,

In some areas it is a simple business expense…albeit a nuisance type of business expense, but a necessary evil.

True John…I have heard every story in the book regarding why the Realtor will be late “My daughter is at the Vet, its taking longer than we thought” “I have to pick my son up from rehab, the paper work is horrendous” “I have to pick my Uncle up at the airport, he’s in a wheelchair, I’ll be a little late”

Etc, etc, etc…:smiley:

I love having a Supra Key exspecially when inspecting a vacant home with the customers out of state. I can get there when I want and dont have anyone distracting me.

Daughter is at the vet, Dale?? I know some people think of their pets as their children, but…

Take charge of you life or someone else will!

I look at renting one as a convenience for my client and I. CODB

The last thing I need is an agent controlling my access and screwing up the rest of my schedule.

Lazy or not others do not place the importance of my time and future appointments that I do and depending on them to do so only creates, a loss of serenity, ulcers or thoughts of malicious torture and homicide.

At 8am no one should have start their day and live that way.

Don’t leave home without mine.

They usually say: “If you have any problems getting in, be sure to call me”…:grin: This never happens unless they screw up and give the code for another property and then we’re all back at square one.

The “touchiest” event was me being in a house for 20-30 minutes and meeting the minor (full grown) daughter in her birthday suit, coming out of the shower.

She was as red as the hair on her head. Gotta love that bikini wax

Yeap…I didn’t ask why Joe…:smiley:

Maybe the Realtors last sale fell through?, and the Vet charges less?..:freaked-:

Maybe a relative is a Vet, and that’s close enough?

I think if I remember correctly, I said I hope she doesn’t have worms, because I was so mad she told me she would be late…:lol:

So…after all the excuses in the world, Supra is the answer to prevent a drinking problem…:smiley:

You couldn’t be an inspector in SE Pennsylvania without one.

Actually, I am inspector in SE PA without one and with enough business to sustain 2 other employees part time. I encounter a few agents who use SUPRAs, but a majority use standard combo lockboxes.

It is something I have considered but haven’t gotten around to yet. The agents who have them also understand that not all the inspectors or termite inspectors, or radon testers have them, and accomodate accordingly.

It may have cost me an inspection over the years, but none that I know of directly (no one has ever said “I would have used you but you son’t have SUPRA”.) I regularly work with about 5 or 6 agents that I know use the SUPRA, but generally, they all like to be on site for the inspection so there are no hang ups.

I have no problem with having and using a SupraKey. I have a problem being forced to be a member of the local REALTOR association to have one. I understand that I do not have to be a cronny to the realtors to be a member but it seems unethical for a home inspector to have to finance and be associated with an organization that has a severe conflict of interest in the services they provide.

Dale, they are not available for all AZ inspectors. Tucson association does not allow it. I have been trying for three years.

I have one that is practically brand new but it sits in a desk drawer. We used to have to buy it so I did. Shortly after buying it the local Realtors Assoc. decided to curtail that particular key and go with a newer version (I bought this one thru them) that you have to lease. No thanks, I do just fine without one. I would need several too to cover the areas I work in.

My Key works there…:smiley:

I would need 5 also.

In KC affiliates of the Realtor Board can lease one, **BUT **you need the Agents CBS Code along with your Pin Code to use it and the vast majority of agents don’t have a clue what the CBS Code is **OR **what the Code for that specific box is - even when they’d like to have you go and use it.

Its really very pathetic in a way. They’re often very personable, but so under-educated or poorly trained in their own jobs.

Last week I had an agent send me a list of 25 CBS Codes. She had no idea which box was on the house she wanted me to sit a radon test in. So I stood at the front door trying codes - it was #21.

You’d think they’d have better education about what they do for a living.

Back when I used a Supra key I had the exact same experience. A handful knew exactly what I was talking about and could provide the CBS codes, but the vast majority would get into a pi$$ing match with me about it and insist all I had to do was enter my PIN to access. NO amount of discussion could convince them I was right. I had one female Realtor go into a blind rage and start using language that would embarrass a Longshoreman.

For a short duration I could call the Association and they would provide the CBS code but they stopped doing that for all the legal and right reasons. That coupled with the “leasing thingy” helped make my decision to stop carrying one. I like the idea of having one but it is not worth all the hassles and expense. Like I said, it hasn’t slowed down business. That is part of their job, to show up and give access and most understand that part. I guess I am fortunate as most of the Realtors I work with routinely are very Professional and know their job. Makes my life easier and hopefully I make their a little easier while doing what the customer paid for.