Supra Key access

Can I get a show of hands by state of home inspectors who are allowed Supra Key access to local properties?

We’ll be working on a letter to support a member in the Seattle area where the local MLS only allows Supra Key access for realtors and appraisers, and I’d like to have some ammunition to add to the letter.



My local Realtor association (GRAR in Michigan) allows affiliate members who are home inspectors Supra Key access.

That is the same around here (TAAR) in N.W. MI.

Edit: It seems to me, that when I was active, the fees e.g. affiliate membership and supra key access was about $350/combined annually.

Michigan represent! Thanks, Grant & Larry! :metal:

Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors in NY allows us Supra access but we have to pay full dues plus key costs. I think Its like $800 per year or something.

Thanks, Michael!

It’s the Realtor’s job to open & close, I don’t inspect alone too many things can go wrong and I’ve never been sued… Besides it ain’t free! :smile: :thinking:


NC Realtor associations allow Home Inspectors, appraisers and Pest Contractors access to Supra Keys but not the MLS. We must join the local RE association as an affiliate member and pay the annual membership fees plus the Supra key fees (monthly or quarterly depending on the service). We also have access to Showing Time scheduling service and must schedule the inspection through Showing Time if we open the home with our Supra Key or risk a $500 fine. One key per inspector you cannot share a key.

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HAR in Houston and surrounding areas allow us to use once we become members…

Thank you, Kenneth & Joe, for weighing in! And welcome to the forum, Joe!

Local Realtor association (ABOR, AustinTx) allows affiliate members (home inspectors) Supra Key access.

Good deal, Brandon!

Home Inspectors are allowed to have Supra Key access in my area of the St. Louis Metro East (SW Illinois). So do several other types of affiliates.
Of of course we have to be members of the local Real Estate Association and pay a yearly fee of more than four hundred dollars.

Thanks, Christopher!

Those fees you and others have mentioned are pretty steep, so I’m going to leave it to the MLS to think up that plan on their own…! :thinking:

The local Realtor Association in my area allows Supra-key access for affiliate members.

Thanks, Russell!

Same here in TN.

Thanks, Bert!

North East Mississippi allows affiliate access

I have affiliate access in my primary work area. Its around $260.00 a year.