Supra Key

How Can I get a Supra Key in California?

It probably involves some sort of tax. :wink:

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Don’t give 'em any ideas :smiley:

You need to be an affiliate member of your local Board of Realtors. You can get an affiliate access key for about $15 per month.

Where are you located?

Thank you Joe,
Where did you get your affiliate membership? I am in San Bernardino and the boards are not letting us obtain a supra key even as an affiliate member.

Contact Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors (SRCAR) and obtain an affiliate membership. I pay $75 per year for mine in the Southland Regional Association of Realtors (SRAR).

You can contact CAR to see if your local association has affiliate key access. They may not even know about it because it’s a relatively new program for CA Associations.

Why would you want one?

Supra has been the best thing to have! It costs about $200/yr for mine and my yearly dues to the Salt Lake Board of Realtors. You will likely need to show proof of Liability Insurance also when becoming an Affiliate and getting your SupraKEY.

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I wouldn’t leave home without a Supra Key.

No more waiting for realtors, its the best thing since inspection software.

Then if I’m doing a re-inspection the lock-box is readily accessible until closing.

When I schedule an inspection the buyers agent emails me the listing agents contact information, usually within minutes I have the CBS Code.

I then forward it to my Termite Inspectors and we’re all set not waiting on whether the realtor has the s h i t s or John-John is home from school today from bringing a weapon.

I heard every excuse in the world why the realtor was late, couldn’t make it that day, and I thoroughly enjoy inspecting without a used house salesman asking me stupid questions.

Great tool, I don’t know how my Irish temper would react without a Supra Key.

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My Realtor board has the new lock box which allows a day code to be programed and it cost nothing.

I agree. I fought the urge to get one for quite awhile but I wouldn’t want to be without it now. (I use to ask for a CBS code but soon realized mine works fine without one… hmm:p)

So Ms. Remax doesn’t have to show up and make your life miserable.

But what if Ms Remax is hot?

Depends on where in California you are. Not all Realtor associations allow home inspectors to have one. None of the three we have here in San Diego County allow us to have one unless we also happen to be a Realtor or an attorney.

It used to be that way here in Los Angeles as well. The new system was implemented early this year to allow affiliate access.

Affiliate access requires a CBS code from the listing agent (or owner of the box) which limits accessibility. Without direct authorization, affiliates cannot open the Supra boxes.

Check your local association to see if they’ve adopted the new system.

Good info Jeff, I’ll check on it. Locally, as you know, they boo-hoo it, last I asked they (GAVAR MLS) said they are on the look out for people like me having a borrowed Supra to access in homes… nothing else to do I guess :smiley:

Wasn’t there some talk to have & implement a state-wide MLS??.. would be the way to go anyway… get rid of the good-old-boy stuff that goes on. Like it really solves anything.

I realize that, HI’s are well-known to steal a vacant house blind… <-- JK

Yes, but GAVAR has not joined. MLS through SRAR allows me access to most of the State’s listing information, but there are still some “hold-outs.”

I know this is an OLD post, but are there ways of getting a SupraKey in Florida for a Home Inspector?

How do you find out if it works without a CBS code? Do you have to turn that function off on the phone or what?

I don’t make enough on home inspections to coddle Realtor’s inability to show up and open the house for me.

If there is a problem with the house (damage, break in crack smokers, HVAC rip off artists) I don’t need to be the one finding it.

The Realtor’s get paid more than I do for an inspection. I have no problem requiring them to show up.

If a utility is not on, the Realtor can deal with the client and seller. That is not my job.

I love Realtor’s, but I have my job and they have theirs.

Because most HI’s can’t find a way to charge an appropriate fee for an inspection, I am not taking on anything more (liability) than I need to.

Old thread, but David is correct. Having the REA on site and unlock the door takes a bunch of liability off of you, the HI.