ComInspect Network Member logo released today.

Nice, I like it.

What exactly is involved in becoming a ComInspect Network Member?

So…you are forming a commercial inspection company.

Does the inspector doing the work set his fee and collect the money directly from the client, or do you pay him after deducting for your “costs”?

Will you be competing for business with NACHI members, like Dale Duffy and Erol Kartal, who have successful commercial inspection businesses who decide NOT to join your network or will you only target your marketing to areas in which you have network inspectors?

A mix between , and

I’m hoping that I can convince Erol and Dale to join us.

Well, that certainly evades the questions.

I don’t know any more than that. Wish I did.

Will you be transferring money to the inspectors, or will they set their own fees and collect from the client, themselves? Seems like a rather uncomplicated question to me.

Both. ComInspect will be paying the network members and they will set their own fees.

Thank you.

Now for the second one…

Will you be deducting your “expenses” from the funds you will be providing “network members”?

ComInspect won’t have any expenses to deduct. Network members have expenses (marketing, legal, insurance, etc). One of the things ComInspect does is to lighten those expenses… and… get more bang out of them for our network members.

So…clearly…you are saying that the “network member” will set a fee and will receive his entire fee, with no deductions for his inspection. Is that correct?

Also, by what method does Cominspect “lighten” the expenses? Do you provide…at no additional cost to the member…“marketing, legal, insurance, etc”…or do you provide him with additional money to obtain his own…or do you provide these services at a discount?

You have hyped “free insurance”. What insurance expense will the “network member” have?

I have not had a chance to read about ComInspect but I can tell you from experience, most commercial property investors will want to know about the inspector before hiring him. If you talk about your associations with these people they will walk.

This does not smell good, to me.

I can see this being a scheme that puts NACHI in direct competition for business against its own members…just one other new direction that we never thought a legitimate home inspection association would go.

Jim writes:


And by the way, check into and on and on and you will notice something. None of them “compete” with InterNACHI members… they are InterNACHI members… ALL of them!

But yes, we will be in direct competition with non-members and intend to win that competition in the commercial inspection market quite handily.

This Cominspect is a business…a multi-inspector firm that solicits commercial inspections for “network members”.

How do you figure that it does not put “network NACHI member” in direct competition with non-network NACHI member in the same geographical area?

This is the first I have even heard of this “Network”…is there information about this somewhere on this MB?

Is this like a telemarketing firm that calls business owners asking them if they have a roof leak and that we have guy five minutes away who can check it out?

Uh, no.