Getting ready for the test

Hello All,
Just joined today and want to make sure I’m in the right track
So, I did take my 90 hours cert from another place. Did not know that I can take it from here for TN.
My goal is to spend two to three weeks studying for the test as answering as much questions I can.
I found here two things will focus on and want your input if anything else need to add.

  1. Those 2000 questions
  2. Will be working on those courses which I know they are the same for the 90hours but I’m sure will get more info from it.

Anything else or any suggestions will be helpful?

Morning, Hussein.
Hope to find you well.

The literature and subject material will not be the same.
I as well as many members educated with at least 2 home inspection educators before certifying with InterNACHI. Carson Dunlop and AHIT being 2.

Learning structure, system and components will benefit you as well as the teaching method but the certification and continued educational process will differ.

Good luck.
Knock’em dead!


You’re off to a good start.

Best of luck to you passing your test.