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I’m looking for advice from Internachi members. I passed the exam and am beginning the 4 mock inspections portion. I want to start my new career in Ohio as soon as possible, but know that I still have a lot to learn. I think my best next step is to begin my career with a multi-inspector firm, but the ones I’ve contacted in the Cincinnati area express reluctance to train future competition, or require a non-compete contract. Any suggestions how I should proceed?


Don’t let the non compete issue stop you. For the most part they are not enforceable.
Use the opportunity to learn, be loyal to your employer and all will work out for both of you. It did for me.


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Hi,I’m in the same boat. But in central Ohio. Ohio has new laws so you will need to work toward your Ohio license. Need to meet 3 requirements. The part I am still not sure of is if I can work now or if new law applies to me now? We should trade information and support.

I have the same question regarding the new law. Technically, the law hasn’t taken effect yet, but probably will later in the year. With that in mind, joining a multi-inspector firm this summer as an assistant seems like the way to go.

Try to find an independent inspector (not affiliated with the larger companies) who may be a few years from retirement. You can provide assistance, inspect spaces they may no longer want to such as walk on the roof, enter the crawl space/attic, etc. The pay won’t be great but you’ll gain valuable knowledge and perhaps build rapport with realtors they receive referrals from. Attending local meetings may help.


Thank you for that answer Robert. I will definitely look into that.

I am also in Ohio and a new inspector. I think that even if you work with a firm or an independent inspector, you will have to pass the requirements for the Ohio license. We need to meet 3 of the 8 requirements. For new inspectors, since we do not meet the previous business requirements, we need 80 hours of instruction, must pass the NHIE, and do 5 inspections that have been verified by a national home inspector organization. I assume 5 mock inspections thru interNACHI will suffice.
If any of you new Ohio guys want to PM me or call me direct (my numbers etc are on my web site please do so we can compare notes!

Joseph, I’m quite certain my Internachi training exceeds 80 hours so far, but how is that verified, and does that fulfill Ohio’s requirement?

yes, that is one of the requirements. I am guessing that supplying your interNACHI transcript showing your completed hours will satisfy. Note that just completes one of the requirement for Ohio Licensing.