Getting started

I am just getting started in Delaware. First off I just got on the Nachi website as an inspector and my phone rang all day from homes to be inspected to insurance companies wanting inspections for insurability. Has anyone worked with any insurance companies on insurability?

Yes – the calls will come – it is like they know that you are new on the block

Don’t under sell your self – I my area they want something for nothing

$200 to $300 depending on what they want and how far I must travel or they can go somewhere else. Time better spent knocking on doors - working the phone – fishing - or surffing the NACHI BB - it makes more $$ in the long run

– Try to post who they are and what they want you to do for how much –



Thanks for the heads up.

Search the archives…some companies make inspectors happy with filler work.

But then, you’ll get some companies that want you to check on their homes twice a month. $20-$30 a crack. No big deal. Just drive by and make sure it looks good. Send us a photo or some such. Oh and by the way, just mow the lawn while you’re there and rake it up a little…:roll:


I would say do whatever you can to keep your name out there and make money. If your choice is to sit home, or do a few insurance inspections to get some start up money and feel more comfortable on an inspection (of any type) - I think that the choice should be clear.

I did lots of draw inspections ($50 or $100) when I started up. Kept me going, felt like real, honest work, and made me some contacts. I began to feel more and more comfortable with evry aspect of my inspections, just by walking through a few draws, speaking to clients, etc.

It is worth it if it isn’t keeping you from more lucrative business.

Honest work is over rated:twisted: :roll:

Ken Lay- George Bush-Tom Delay.:twisted:

Very nice - BK! I forgot the obvious alternatives…

  1. Be born to a wealthy family
  2. Steal everything that isn’t nailed down.
  3. Get into politics (prerequsite: 1 & 2)

Come on now… You can’t forget Slick Willy either (or his “wife” for that matter):twisted:

send some my way (I live in MI though). I havn’t gotten any of these calls. Any suggestions? I wouldn’t mind doing some of these types?

Here are some that were posted a while back on the board that you may want to check into, however, I have no personal experience with them. So do your due diligence.

Collateral Specialist, Inc. (CSI)
Elliot & Company Appraisers (They also offer inspections)
Field Services, Inc. (FSI)
Property Resources Network (PRN)
National Vendor Management Services (NVMS)
Clear Capital
NAPA Services
Mortgage Ramp
Pacific Field Services
AmerRisk (This company is not affiliated with InspectaRisk any longer)
Granite Construction Inspections
Here’s another.

Now, now-- that’s no way to talk about “Fat Teddy”…
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Correct William.:slight_smile:

I had a company call me last week wanting me to drive 68 miles,interview their client,Take photos of tanning equipment,list all s/n on said equipment,picture of business sign,interview their client again,and drive back to my world,then fax a copy of their paperwork back to them.When all that is finally done…they will send me a generous check in the amount of a whopping grand total of $50.I said “no10q”

When you think of how many hours most people have to work each day to net that $50 (and they still have to subtract all the same operating expenses), the money doesn’t look too bad for an hour or two work. It carries you through day to day. And sometimes that is just what you need to get to the point where you can do the more expensive jobs. It gives hope.

*I have been doing periodic jobs for a Co. called Metro Labs out of VA. *
A couple of pics, 20 ?'s, and a quick illustration of property nets $175.00.
The three I’ve done have taken about 1.5 hrs. plus another 1/2 hr. uploading the pics. No complaints. Well they are a little slow to pay. About 30 days after invoice.

What does a service tec of any trade charge to come to your home and fix something?

What does someone charge you to change the oil on your car for 15 mins of work??

Please do not under charge for your services –

That is one of the main problems of this profession


Looking for opinions on “Clear Capital” and their inspection requests?
I got two of them today, but they were already accepted by someone
else I guess, but what strikes me is the amount they list for their fee…:frowning:

Here’s a paste from the one I just got (that was already taken)

"Hello Steven,
Clear Capital is looking for an agent or inspector to complete a
Property Inspection (Please note that this is not a BPO). This
solicitation may have been sent to other local agents. This
assignment will be granted to the first person to accept this
request on (instructions below).

Property Inspections ORDER DETAIL:

Property ID: 869328
Due by: 1:00 PM PST on Wednesday, September 20,2006
Fee: $15.00
Type: Property Inspection
Photos: Digital photos are required.

Photo Instructions:

  1. One current, original photo of the front of the SUBJECT.
  3. One STREET SCENE photo looking down the street.
  4. One close up photo of any DAMAGES present.

Special Instructions:


–ACCESS TO GATED COMMUNITIES MUST BE OBTAINED- Please view a listing in the community if you are a broker. If you know anyone in the community please have them buzz you through the gate. If you cannot gain access please ask the security guard if any damages occurred to the home.
–Please provide detailed descriptions of any damages present.
–Property Inspection Only. No comps required.
–Please Do Not Accept if you cannot complete by the above due date and time.
–Please do not approach the occupants or owners.
–If the subject is in average condition, please place it in ‘Good’. Thanks!

HOW TO ACCEPT THIS Property Inspections:

  1. Go to this address: (Make sure you copy the whole URL.)
    AOL Users Click Here: <a href="[ BPO</a>

  2. Login to your account and click ‘Accept’ next to the property

  3. Complete and submit the BPO using the simple online tools!

Thank you for using Clear Capital!


Logging into your account will show your current
available and in-progress Property Inspections.
If you have any questions, please contact our Vendor Support Team:
Phone: 530-582-5011

Clear Capital serves financial institutions by automating and
streamlining loan valuation processes. You were sent this solicitation
email because you are listed as a Property Inspection professional.](“”)

These are not undercharging for your services. These are a totally different profession that one can choose to get into or not. Some of us find it to be very lucrative as we do many all at once. Some of these places give you 30 $15 inspections in the same complex, or something similar. It adds up! :wink:

do NOT sell yourself short… I ran my *** off a few years ago with the mentality that I will take anything i can get to keep money coming in… problem was time, expenses, stress… did NOT make it worthwhile… Tell these people an accurate estimate of WHEN you can get it done… and you can do it for $XX… many times they will bite… you may lose some but try it for a while and see how it goes… a couple years ago i made sure i raised my rates… this past year I reduced my coverage area I would do without a fuel charge… now when I go outside that… an added fee… and folks… I STILL get more offers than I can handle in a month to do this Field Service work… but its at my prices now… typical drive by photo… no less than 25.00 on my terms, my schedule… easy money… no more 7-10.00 jobs… the paperwork hassle is not worth that…