Thanks Nick, for FindAnInspector.US

Hey Nick,

Just wanted to say thanks for www.FindAnInspector.US I was just found by an insurance company wanting me to fill a spot vacated by a retiring inspector. They have me do very basic inspections (meet client, fill out questionaire, and take a few photos). Pays $70 a shot and takes about 30 min each. Haven’t even been with them a week and already have gotten 6 jobs. Makes for great filler work between home inspections.

Bobby what is the name of the company/what kind of work do you perform for them? Always interested in additional revenue areas. Thanks in advance!

I used to do that kind of work when times got slow. Wait until they start demanding more and more details in their reports or sending you to some huge apartment complexes or commercial properties. They hardly ever want to pay you for the extra time on those kinds of properties, but they will keep sending them to you. Then they set deadlines that make you drive all over the place to get them done in time because they sat on someones desk for almost a month before they sent it out to you.

Been there…done that with about 5 companies. Never again! Hope you have better luck than what I did working for those companies.


Of all the NACHI names,
is the best and most remembered.

Heh Heh
So true.
just got sent one for 3 blocks from my house at Lovers Lane
I cant wait to do that one though.

We can always say NO Thanks…

Lovers Lane? Can’t wait?? Are you still cross dressing Bob?? I thought therapy was working and you and quit that goofy stuff. (except for undergarments)