Getting started

Hello again

Now, i have a few questions that i would greatly appreciate some answers or guidance to.:roll:

i want to know how do you promote yourselves (or get clients) … i have a good looking site,(i think)… i rank well in the search engines. but i fell like i can do more…but what??

how do you guys do it?..or are your services refered by an agent?

any tips would be appreciated:mrgreen:


Patience , if you do a honest good job your business will grow, It will be slow at first. Try to be helpful add Thermal imagine, energy tips and so on, Be available for questions . even for helpful advice down the road.

Hi wayne

Thermal imaging is my next step … i already started the course (no one offer this service where i live so this is a plus:mrgreen:)…but damn these camera are $$$$$…but a must, if you want to stand out.

Also i would suggest carbon monoxide testing . ( see you live in the great white north)

What about English for your Web page, I do not know if that would help.

yes i know , will be done this week. i started with the french version because here (in the great white north…(LOLOLLLLL) 95% of the pop is french.

Education and then more education.
Mentoring as many as you can get I did close to 100 ,
Fortunately my son had been a full time Inspector for ten years ,worked great for me.
25 or more will give you a huge push and much experience.
I still try and learn example the Toronto Home show 8 hours This week and another big Industrial show next month.
Knowledge is your friend that gives you confidence.
Many questions answered and information given for free at ( ) .
All the best Need help ask below

Hi Patrick

Drop Marcel Graton a note ( personal message from this site). He is a good guy and an experienced inspector in “La Belle Province” and I am sure he will be able to give you useful advice.

Patrick, I am from the great white north i born in Ontario lolol, But i can not speak a word of French However i can cuss a little in it. lol

Wishing you the best success in your inspection career

thx Allen ! appreciate it!!

First and foremost you have to get in front of the people/Realtors. Then always remember to MARKET everyone that you come into contact with. Remember the seller is probably looking for a new home, the listing agent may like your way of doing things. Your client is the buyer, but marketing to all is a good way to do things. We get alot of sellers to use us, because they say that want that “nit picking SOB” when they are the buyer.

To get repeat business its all about relationships. Within a few minutes I found out about their likes, dislikes, kids, wife, husband…whatever it takes. Then next time I see them I ask about their families and their intrests…

Price wise your going to have to compete at the beginning. But once they learn that your inspections are superior and you provide a superior service they you can command a superior/premium price.

Be sure to know your stuff. Many times people will ask you a ton of questions that they already know the answers to. Do not BS…you will get caught.

And how we can get mentoring?

Well mentoring is a hard thing to get…but alot of people here are an awesome source of information. USE IT. As far as hands on, its kinda hard to find people in your area to teach you how to take money out of their pocket.

What I suggest is to inspect as many family members houses for free and then post the report here, on line and BE READY…these guys are SHARP as can be. The will rip you a new one and rag on you a bit…but its all in the game of learning. They mean nothing personal by it. You have to have a yearning to learn and thick skin be in this industry…anything else?

A good start is posting where you live.

yes my friend you are right! this week end i’m inspecting my dad’s house , yesturday i was there and a electric breaker went off…i noticed that there was at least 5 missing knockouts

so i said , DAD i’m inspecting your house this weekend.

but i’m ready to take it , i have thick skin…and to be honnest i’m really looking forward to it …this is great!! i will do my best.

i will gladly post the repport here , but i have to warn you , it will be in french…loll

Just remember that we are hard, because we all want you to succeed!!!

In French?..well…ummmm…count me out…

Pas de problème!

Still waiting to see if I remember any of my two years of High School French. :shock::smiley: