GFCI over sink

According to the NEC, outlets should be adjacent to sinks, and not over them. Are any allowances made for GFCIs?

gfci over sink.JPG

I will quote the 210 pertaining to bathroom receptacles.

In dwelling units, at least one receptacle outlet shall be installed in bathrooms within 3’ of the outside edge of each basin. The receptacle shall be located on a wall or partition that is adjacent to the basin or countertop, or installed on the side or face of the basin cabinet not more than 12" below the countertop.

I feel the word adjacent is a modifier for the wall, not specifying the receptacle location. This is so the receptacle is not across the room and an extension cord is not needed. Otherwise you could install the receptacle in an inconvenient location like above the toilet.

I see no problem with this as shown. The wall is adjacent to the basin and GFI protection is in place.

Thanks for your reply Jim - I have always taken adjacent to mean “next to” and not over.

adjacent |əˈjāsənt|
next to or adjoining something else : adjacent rooms | the area adjacent to the fire station.

It is rare to find (at least in this area) outlets right over sinks. I’m just wondering if a GFCI over a sink is allowed - I suspect not. :-k


It’s fine as pictured.

Ideal - No.

Code compliant - Yes

Bill ~

I concur with jim and Mike.

ditto the outlet is fine in the picture