Are all the outlets in the kitchen supposed to be gfci?

Depends on the year of the structure and the area that the structure is located in.

i believe it is 6 feet from the sink and any outlets that are over the counter.


No, not all receptacles in a kitchen are required to be GFCI protected. Only the ones serving the countertop requirments.

Now 6’ ( as far as dwellings go ) only came into play with regards to wet bar, utility and laundry sinks. However, in the 2008 NEC in OTHER than dwellings saw the requirement of GFCI protection on ALL sinks within 6’ come into play which was a major change for the NEC.

Now if you are speaking of a Kitchen OTHER THAN A DWELLING then all 15 and 20A 125V receptacles outlets would require GFCI protection within the kitchen space and that would include all…not just any countertop devices. Remember however that we are talking about an OTHER than dwelling environment.