Give this guy an award!!

I inspected a home yesterday owned by a local contractor. Wow! The defects I found were staggering. I have never seen a ‘negative overhang’ on a roof before (yes, the roof was too short for the garage) among other things too numerous to mention. But when I opened the gas furnace I saw something that made me burst out laughing. See pic below.

A duct tape fanatic who chain smokes and refuses to pay for a new filter and an annual HVAC inspection.

Nice furnace!

Nahh, he just wanted a warm place to smoke a few so he kept telling his wife he was checking on the furnace.:shock:

At least it’s filtered!:mrgreen:

“Air un-freshener”?

Can I use this photo? I need it for a HVAC class I am writing. way too funny

Sure, Jeff, go ahead and use the photo. You can’t quite see it in this picture, but the furnace was supposed to have an electrostatic filter but when I opened it up it actually had a standard filter in the slot- which accounts for some of the dust build-up in the around the motor. You guys would have loved this house!! It had all kinds of surprises!:wink: