You gotta see this!

One guess… I stared at this for several minutes in disbelief!

Yes… it is installed upside down. This guy did more work to make this work… would have been much easier to just run back to the shop and get the proper unit. It has been in this house like this for two years. Above it was also some undisclosed charring to the joists and decking. Also note the flex line running into the unit. You cant see it but the vent pipe is disconnected about two feet above the cabinet. Also missing a reducer for the vent pipe.

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Wow! :shock: Flip this house:p

:shock: WoW!

Isn’t it cool the stuff we get to see. Just when you think you have seen it all.:eek:

Darren Can I use this photo??

About 5 years into my HI career, I was feeling pretty cocky, not having had any serious complaints against my work and, like you, thought I must have seen it all by now…until…

I inspected a rural property that had a certified older wood/oil combination furnace. As I moved around to one side of it, out of the side of the original casing was a run of #2/3 cable. Upon further investigation, I found that the insides of the oil section had been removed and replaced with an electric forced air furnace, “lock, stock and barrel”! This invalidated any certifications on both units.

Asked the owner (an insurance salesman!!!), “Who did the work?”. “An electrician”, he says. I ask “A Licensed electrician??” “Yes” says he. What!!! Since then my saying has been: "if I don’t see something odd, bizarre, different, “what were they thinking” stupid every week, I must have had my eyes closed. And sure enough, in busy times, every week I find something.

Did you check to see if it could be done with this unit?

A problem I see with this is the a/c coil is on the downstream side of the heat exchanger. This causes a lot of condensation in the heat exchanger.

I caught myself turning my head sideways trying to see what might be wrong.

This unit looks like it was made by confort air or they are using unit made by the same mfg

I think it might be OK -

Reason I say this I have one of their units and it is mounted on its side

Looks like its brother


This unit is designed as for downdraft or horizontal applications only. It is mounted in an updraft configuration. But you are correct in that in a horizontal application it would be ok.