Glass block windows

Sorry to bring this up again but was wondering how most of you handle glass block on the wind mits. Home has all glazed openings protected except for this one glass block window. Thanks

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In your area mark as not covered label as not required and ignore it .

What a joke. I have seen a ton of that stuff broken.


I guess if you write the course you can make the rules :slight_smile:

Just curious, why is it that way?

MAKE sure they have lintels as glass block is not structural.

Glass block is considered CMU in the FBC, so it is not required to be covered there. SFBC requires it to be covered. If it is plastic it is all required to be covered.

Glass block has always gone back and forth since the beginning of MSFH.

The 1802 form is written for the entire state, many underwriters have recognized the building code requirements. Hope that helps.

It would be nice if the codes and the form were the same.

Thanks everyone for the comments, they all coinside with the info that I have but just wanted to throw it out there in case there were any changes that I wasn’t aware of (not that anything ever changes)

John are you saying in Florida they think Glass does not break and lintels are not needed?


That is the problem down here. No one thinks. They just make up rules.

Not at all.

I thought that was what I just said.

Lintels are not on the wind form. Just answer the questions on the form.

Glass block only breaks in the hurricane zone…outside the zone…it is fine!

And, why would you need beans for the glass block? :mrgreen:

I’m building my next house entirely out of glass block. It will be indestructible.


this is one they are vague on purpose. Next year they will reinspect and glass block will count. wait and see!