Fake glass block

For all my fellow Wind Mitigation inspectors, how would you mark this faux glass block? No documentation as to rating but pretty sure it’s wind rated.
It’s not glass but plastic/acrylic panel that looks like glass block. Thanks in advance.


If not true glass block with mortar, then treat the same as any other window.

Ok, I was leaning that way but wondered about an agency seeing it and it not showing glass block on the form if it may create an issue. Maybe the glazed section of the 1802 should address such. Suppose they will know when they go tap on it. Thanks Brad

That photo you posted is not glass block. It is an acrylic window and goes in the glazed window and door box. I see them all the time, but still haven’t seen one that was impact rated (polycarbonate). No need to make a big issue on it unless all other openings are rated and you need to clarify it more.

Right, I just wanted to make sure it was documented right even though it’s fake. It’s not impact rated and feels pretty cheap. At the most it’s wind rated like all the other windows in this 2001 home. Don’t recall ever having fake glass block on any past wind mits.

Add a note to the form under a picture, will clarify for them and for you if you get questioned later.

Good suggestion thanks John